Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Brief Note From Julie Zahner Bailey About This Election.

Courtesy Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey

Please remember to vote for Julie, Milton City Council Member, on Tuesday, November 8.Also, consider forwarding this message to your neighbors.

November 5, 2011

Dear Milton Neighbors and Residents:

We currently have a City Council who works together with our Mayor and City Staff to lead our city. We have accomplished a lot to date. These are the areas where I have been very instrumental while on Milton City Council.

Strong Financial Position without Increasing Taxes
$7.8 fund balance
$1,531,938 in insurance tax premiums; almost $680,000 more than anticipated in Fiscal Year 2011
Anticipated increase of $825,000 for Fiscal Year 2012
$3.5M in annual sales tax allocation from Fulton County (at least $35M over 10 years)
Saved an estimated $2M annually by terminating our outsourcing contract with CH2M Hill and performing services in-house

While my opponent thinks the city is financially unsustainable, Milton's City Manager states otherwise: "I am not comfortable with the idea being out there that 'Milton Finances = Not Sustainable.' It frankly isn't all have made some very, very, very sound financial decisions in the last couple of years to position Milton to successfully weather one of the worst downturns in the economy and emerge strong. We will have plenty of opportunities to make more hard decisions in the future, but as I presented to you earlier in the year, I am confident with active management of our budget, we are very sustainable." - (C. Lagerbloom, personal communication to mayor and council, October 31, 2011) Click here for news from Milton's Finance Department=> -FrpjYkL0f0MnBEb0BLTtb5lQGv6r62FUUu5xveU9OYDB2ZsIjnfEPk5M5yRcCQL0sxf1zWbuZT4fVzDhj9ql463RQ9K1S1wUrlg8UJMV1Csjoh6OQXPAgHSlwFPNI2UbtIkZcwIauBX6wZpS9JE7fJiAE-83CQYv45dMEQqd8Ba90acBE3mYby

Aggressive Implementation of a Transportation Master Plan and Fully-Funded Transportation Improvements
Traffic relief includes implementing solutions that do not raise our taxes and keep Milton unique with high community standards and a calmer lifestyle.

Re-routing traffic around Milton's periphery
Projects are completed or in progress for road improvements and maintenance of our gravel roads
Fixing bridges
Reducing speeds
Intersection improvements are funded and in various stages of implementation including Birmingham Highway and Providence, Providence and Arnold Mill, Cogburn, Hopewell and Francis, Bethany Bend and Cogburn and plans in Crabapple at several locations to name a few
Long time advocate for roundabouts resulting in Georgia DOT now funding them 100% in Milton and throughout Georgia
Superior Services for Fire, Police and Community Safety & Welfare that are Financially within Our Means
Fully-established court system
Hired 8 additional police officers
Continual analysis of call center data to ensure adequate coverage
Funding of necessary fire equipment for all areas of Milton improving public safety while also reducing insurance costs of the individual citizen
Acquisition of land for new fire station/police office on Highway 9

Parks & Greenspace for All that are Funded and Budgeted

Completed a Master Parks Plan and have begun implementing active & passive parks as well as a trail system

My support of parks dates back to the 90's and continues to this day. I am in full support of the development of the 200 acre Birmingham Park and other parkland that we have available. I also support fully the acquisition of Providence Park once the environmental issues and subsequent liabilities with that land are resolved or mitigated. I believe we can and should set a national standard for a park system available to all Milton citizens.

Comprehensive Land Use Plan that is Citizen Defined and Financially Viable

No increased taxes
Citizen defined, legally-adopted ordinances
Balanced, defined, buffered residential and commercial areas

We Need Proven Leadership on Council

It is important that we elect decision makers who understand governmental accounting and the balance needed to maintain our quality of life and our unique sense of place while supporting this financially. Click here See what a local resident says about Why We Should Vote for Julie Zahner Bailey=>

Why I am the Right Person

My leadership on zoning, land use policies, future planning, recreation, transportation, budgeting and more demonstrates that I have the knowledge, hands-on experience and proven leadership to ensure that Milton will remain unique and sustainable. As a member of Council I bring a track record of proven leadership to Milton. I have fostered long-term relationships with community leaders of Fulton County, State officials, adjacent counties and cities, and the School Board. This is significant because their decisions affect Milton.

Re-elect me, Julie Zahner Bailey, your Council member, and the citizens' voice. I will continue to maintain balance and to ensure open, transparent government. My knowledge and willingness to stand tall on the tough issues must remain at the Council table. The future of Milton depends on this election.

Choose Milton. Choose Julie.

Vote for Julie on November 8th.

All my best,

Julie Zahner Bailey
Milton City Council
404-310-6344 cell

Polling Locations

Tuesday, November 8th Citizens of Milton go to the polls for the municipal election. City Council members are elected and serve at large, the entire city.

There are 7 polling locations in Milton, to determine your polling place use this

The polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Remember to bring your Georgia driver's license or another form of identification to vote.

To review the ballot prior to voting, click here=>


Anonymous said...

Question, "does she work with the council and mayor, as well as city staff, by choice, or because she cant block everything since she is not in control"?

Anonymous said...

While you're on here Karen please tell us all about your investments in Rome Finance the predatory, unlicensed lender that took advantage of hundreds of Ft. Campbell families.

Here's what the Asst. Attorney General of Tennessee reported,

"Soldiers found themselves with debts they couldn't manage, and the company was going after them," Rybakoff said. "One of the single most upsetting parts of the case is when we saw the collection calls ... a soldier who died in the line of duty, who was found beheaded in the streets of Iraq, and Rome would continue to try and collect from his family for almost seven months. It's the lowest of the low — words can't describe it."

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Karen. How do you have time to respond to a blog? Making Crabapple look like Little Five Point must keep you pretty busy. Just go walk your dog.

Anonymous said...

While you're walking your dog do some soul searching into why you're allowing lies concerning bankruptcy and financial instability to permeate this community. The spotlight is on you and the other Council members - not running in this election - who are not stepping forward to clean up this mess.

Anonymous said...

Like everything else on this blog, you can't always believe what you read. This may or may not be the real KT. Someone commented with Karen's name starting yesterday. The comment was nothing like Karen. This may be someone trying to be funny.

Anonymous said...

Folks - it is really a shame when Politicians have to lie to get reelected. All for a $12,000 per year job? What gives?

I have been through 5 years of elections and have yet to meet one politician who supports ruining Milton’s Character. Not one!

I voted for Alan and Julie last time but after watching them at Council for the last 4 years I regret those votes.

They talk to hear themselves talk and they stand in the way of and/or delay anything and everything.

Milton has more than half as many people as Alpharetta and less than a third of the Tax revenue. IS MILTON sustainable? – Sure, if you don't build any parks, bike trails or make real road improvements. The key word above is Sustainable and for how long.

The best Milton can do is patch roads not fully pave them. Milton has more miles of roads than Alpharetta yet only has a 1.5 Million road budget in 2012. Yet Alpharetta will spend 6.7 Million. Why would a city with ½ our land area less roads be spending more than 4 times what we are? Alpharetta spends another 6.7 Million a year on Parks and Milton has a 300,000 Park Budget. With more than ½ the population of Alpharetta should we not be spending at least 3.5 Million a year on Parks?

In five years have we improved from Fulton County days? A little, but not very much! We have lots and lots of Police and Fire stuff but that is it.

We need to make Milton Business friendly in the very few acres of Commercial area we have. That means be pro-business in the business areas. It doesn't mean tear down the horse farms to build factories. But Julie and Alan need to lie about good people like Ron Wallace and Adam Orkin. Two men who invested Millions of their own money in beautiful developments and homes that only improve Milton. Why would they or anyone else want to destroy it?

To provide the same level of services as Alpharetta does - with quality/safe roads, parks, bike trails, etc our Annual Revenue needs to be 10 - 15 Million higher per year. That cannot be disputed.

Our Parks budget should be 3 Million a year more, our roads budget should be 5 million a year more plus we should have a capital projects budget of at least another 7 million a year. Just to be on par with a slightly less affluent city like Alpharetta.
That is $15,000,000 more than we are currently spending and almost twice what we have in revenue. Where is that money going to come from?

The City Manager and the rest of Council need to wake up to that reality as well – not just Julie and Alan.

Julie and Alan are only two votes so for years that couldn't stop anything anyway but they have delayed and delayed quality projects and are simply more embarrassment that the City no longer needs.

Don’t believe me – look at the budgets yourself – it is all online. Or better yet – talk to any business owner about what it is like to do Business in Milton. I bet you will get an earful!

We need to improve Milton’s Business image and environment. It is time for some new blood.

Yes this can all be done without tearing down one precious horse farm and without building one apartment building on Brittle road. :)

Anonymous said...

If you like Alpharetta so much and want to compare each and everything in Milton to them including the toilet paper used in city hall, then why don't you move there? Yea, don't talk to our city staff or council members about our financial condition, talk to Adam Orkin who owns almost all the land in the Hwy 9 area and Crabapple or Ron Wallace who owns what land in Crabapple Adam Orkin doesn't own. Really? No one is saying they are bad people. In fact, they are just a squirrel trying to get a nut. But it takes honest people on our council to shed light on these things and keep our city balanced. Otherwise, we end up like every city USA. That's not what I moved here for.

Anonymous said...

8:19 Hi George Ragsdale, mayor wannabe. Are you having a good day?

Anonymous said...

8:19, you are the sound of reason. We definitely need to bring in more revenue from businesses.Like you, I don't think any council member wants to see Milton turn into Alpharetta.

This all or nothing attitude that JZB keeps pushing is going to ruin our city. The land that encompases Milton is not composed of the same population that was here twenty years ago; therefore, there must be change in order to accommodate the new population. For example, we need to improve the infrastructure of or city and have the amenities that make living in a city comfortable (e.g., parks, sidewalks, etc.).

Have council members ever investigated or studied other cities that are successful models for which Milton could be similar ( e.g., Greenwich, Connecticut, which also has large land lots but a thriving city center).

Anonymous said...

9:19... how ironic is it that your post got timestamped 1hr to the minute after your previous post at 8:19?!?

That is awesome!

For your next series of posts, please explain why you are a transparent liar and don't know how to fool people on these complicated Interwebs.

Anonymous said...

10:18, 8:19 and 9:19 are not by the same authors. I wrote the 9:19 post but not the 8:19 post.

Whatever conspiracy theory you are imagining is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

4:42... right. Hurr, durr. Keep telling yourself that you are fooling everyone!

You expect me to believe that there are two slope-headed, mouth-breathing simpletons on this forum who believe that crock of bull? Not likely!

Anonymous said...

JZB's 10 Year Plan for the development of Birmingham Park:

2006 Delay
2007 Delay
2008 Delay
2009 Delay
2010 Delay
2011 Delay (election year!)
2012 Delay
2013 Delay
2014 Delay
2015 Delay

If you want Birmingham Park to be developed while your kids are still young enough to use it, vote NO to JZB and Alan Tart.

Anonymous said...

10:41... I echo that!

Vote Large / Dunz If you want Birmingham Park and the other open spaces in the city to be developed right away! Developed into convenience stores, condos, duplexes, cluster mansions, the famous (and consistent failure) high density / mixed use community, etc, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Man…. You JZB zealots are a one trick pony. It is all about evil developers who are going to destroy Milton. What is your angle going to be next election when Matt and Lance win this time and there are then 7 evil pro developer nuts on council for two more years and NO destruction of Milton has occurred?

This argument worked the first election and then the second just one year later but now it has been 5 years and most citizens realize what a sham that argument is.

Milton is anti-business and that hurts everyone. There is a place for quality business in Milton in the already defined areas - Period. If anyone on Council ever tried to change that they would be crucified.

Maybe this will mean the crazies will even stay out of any Council races in two years – one can only dream!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the
"walk on" wearing his helmet and jersy to council meetings. Alert the media!