Sunday, November 20, 2011

Online visual survey available for Ga. 9 LCI study.

Results allow staff, consultants to craft plan that meets local expectations.

MILTON, Ga., Nov. 20, 2011 - An online community character study is now available at the City of Milton's Web site,, as part of the city's ongoing Livable Communities Initiative (LCI) Grant study of the Ga. 9 area.

It is also always available at the city's Web site,, under "Your Government" > "Community Development" > "Ga. 9 Livable Centers Initiative Grant Information" > "Visual Preference Survey" or "For Residents" >"Current and Future Planning Documents" > "Ga. 9 Livable Centers Initiative Grant Information."

This survey includes a visual study of business, residential and green space areas. Residents are asked to rank the images based on their appropriateness for the Ga. 9/Windward/Deerfield parkways area. Additionally, there are a series of questions detailing transportation, business, housing and pedestrian access issues.

Results from this study, which is not scientific and is not intended to be, will give city planners and consultants from plan partner Urban Collage a good starting point from which to craft a citizen-based plan for business, housing and green space growth along Ga. 9 and Windward and Deerfield parkways.

"This study is a vital part of our efforts to plan this Ga. 9 area with the community's interests as our guide," said Michele McIntosh-Ross, planner for the City of Milton. "It is a simple, timely way for residents to show us what they expect from their largest residential and commercial area."

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