Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Post November 7 City Council meeting wrap-up.

Post November 7 City Council meeting wrap-up
1. Approval of a Resolution Amending Resolution No. 10-01-126, A Resolution Appointing A Board Member to the Design Review Board for District 3.
(Agenda Item No. 11- 243)
(Councilmember Bill Lusk)

Motion to appoint Steve Check approved 6-0
Note: Councilman Joe Longoria was absent

2. Approval of a Professional Services Agreement between the City of Milton and Precision Planning, Inc. for Design Services Related to the Development of the Public Safety Facility on Highway 9.
(Agenda Item No. 11- 244)
(Carter Lucas, Public Works Director)

Approved 6-0

3. Approval of a Resolution Authorizing the Execution of Certain Easement Deeds and a Quitclaim Deed Regarding Properties Owned by the City of Milton, Georgia and the Fulton County Board of Education.
(Agenda Item No. 11- 245)
(Ken Jarrard, City Attorney)

Approved 6-0

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