Monday, November 07, 2011

Get Out And Vote Tuesday, Milton!


Time to vote, folks. Here are the locations to have your say=>

Birmingham Falls Elementary
Summit Hill Elementary
Northwestern Middle
Manning Oaks Elementary
Hopewell Middle
Cogburn Woods Elementary
Hopewell Baptist Church


Anonymous said...

Wow. I got the same call. Shame on you, Lance Large. You had my vote, but you don't anymore. You just showed what a worthless piece of s you are and how desparate you are to get elected. I am ashamed of myself for supporting you over Alan Tart. I will be calling my friends and telling them I made a HUGE mistake. Shameful!

Anonymous said...

Ditto. This must be illegal.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Ditto. Wow. I got the same call. I was also a huge supporter of Lance Large and Matt Kunz, but that call changed my life.

Now I'm going to call all my friends and tell them that I got a magic phone call that changed me from a gigantic turd to a Julie and Alan koolaid drinker.

Wow. Ditto. Wow.

Anonymous said...

This Kool-aid business is really getting tiring. Its an idiot who would not consider that there are actually a large group of people that want to see Milton preserved, as was always intended.

If you want to be in Johns Creek, then just move to Johns Creek.

Anonymous said...

Yes there are a large number of people who live next to Julie on Birmingham Road who do not want Birmingham Park to be developed.

They want Julie (and Alan) to protect their "night sky".

They want Julie (and Alan) to keep the parkland "green", passive and undeveloped.

They want to Julie (and Alan) to protect their rights to use the park as a publicly-funded equestrian oasis where they can exercise their horses.

The LAST thing they want is for the park to actually be developed as an active park with ball fields and kids and traffic.

Yes, there are a large number of people who support Julie's efforts to protect the northwest corner of rural Milton (where she lives) but there are far more people who want to improve the quality of life for ALL MILTON RESIDENTS.

Anonymous said...

Just went to vote and drive around, there is one person holding Julie signs to every 5 people holding Kunz signs. Guess Julie needs help!!!!

Anonymous said...

@5:40am-you said it better than I could. I am voting for Lance Large and Matt Kunz!

REPOST BY AM said...


This comment has been reposted and editted due to content:

I'm posting this here, too, because I want everyone to know what a gigantic XXXX Lance Large is. I received this robocall at about 6:50pm.

Lance is the biggest crybaby wet-diaper loser I have ever encountered.

I just received a robocall from his camp slandering Alan Tart to the extreme. The entire call was put on as though it was in support of "the progressive liberal democrat Alan Tart." It went on from there with more slander meant to scare voters.

I thought that I disrespected Large before, but I have become beyond outraged since receiving that call. Lance, you are a dirtbag.

4:57 PM

Anonymous said...

Bye, bye cry baby Julie and Alan!!!

Anonymous said...

You hear a lot of talk about greed. One of the greediest things I've heard tho is the desire of the few folks who want to deny the rest of Milton a great active park that could be utilized by all, just so their night sky is not disturbed. Things change, people need to learn this lesson. It's an old one.

Anonymous said...

What does an active park have to do with night sky? They are not mutually exclusive.

Anonymous said...

Duh, lights in the ball parks. Can't see stars, blah, blah, blah
Point is they want things to stay as they are until they're gone. You know the attitude, now that I'm on board you can pull up the rope. Don't really care about anyone but themselves.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone freaking out about an endorsement call?

Anonymous said...

because it was illegal and immoral...duh.