Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update On Possible Poacher.


Many thanks to Kathy Fies of the Milton Police Department for providing the following report to readers.

Many thanks to Officers Kiel, Wong, and Taylor for answering this call.

CASE #11-02013

DATE / TIME REPORTED=>11/06/11 11:29am Sun,

LOCATION OF INCIDENT=>13540 Bethany Road, Milton GA 30004

OFFICER=> Kiel, B.C.(1162)


SUPERVISOR=> Taylor, C. (1114)


Report By : Ofc Kiel, B.C. #162

On 11-06-11 I was contacted by Georgia Department of Resources Ranger Psillis. Ranger Psillis is responsible for game and fish regulations in the Fulton County, Milton area.

Ranger Psillis said that he received a complaint about an illegal hunter in the area of 13540 Bethany Road, Milton, Georgia. Ranger Psillis said that he looked for the hunter for approximately an hour and could not locate. He also believed that the illegal hunter was using a firearm to hunt which is illegal in Fulton County. He asked that I deploy my police service dog "DaSilva" in a track for the hunter in the woods.

I located a camouflage stand/chair in the back of a red Nissan pickup. The vehicle was believed to belong to the illegal hunter. I used the chair as a scent article for "DaSilva" to track the hunter.

"DaSilva" smelled the chair and then began tracking very diligently in the woods west of Bethany Road and in a west-bound direction."DaSilva" began showing signs of tracking human odor. Approximately two hundred yards into the woods "DaSilva" indicated he was in the area of the human scent he was tracking. Approximately fifty yards ahead of us I observed a white male wearing camouflage walking toward us. I announced Police and K-9 presence and instructed the male to empty his hands of any weapons and walk towards us.

Ranger Psillis met with the man. He was identified as Anthony Rogers. Mr. Rogers said that he had permission from the land owner to hunt and was using a bow only to hunt with. Ranger Psillis confirmed these statements and released Mr. Rogers who left the woods on his own choice.

No further.


Anonymous said...

You sure it want Bill Bailey dumping signs?

Anonymous said...


Did Julie Bailey win or lose? I cant seem to find the official results.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed that at least a warning wasn't issued. I live on Bethany and do not want this "type" of person near my property. Have seen evidance of hunting. He is not welcome in this area.

Anonymous said...

5:30, 6:45, I am shaking my head in your general direction and planting my face in my palms.

5:30... give it a rest. You are the most insufferable old bat. Kunz won, isn't that enough? There will come a day that you will wish there was someone protecting your interests on the city council instead of selling you down the river to line their own pockets.

6:45... look, Yankee, feel free to move back to where you came from whenever you like. If you want to stay in the south, but don't like country things, then move inside the perimeter. Believe me, nobody will miss you. We don't want your "type" of person around here.

Anonymous said...

It was confirmed that it was Bill Bailey just lurking as usual.

Anonymous said...

you already tried that joke, 8:36 (the very first post, no less).

It never gets old, though. Let me tell ya, I love seeing that joke on every thread. I love it even more when you put it two or three times on each thread.

You are surely a kind and good-hearted person. I can tell by the way that you publicly try to make fun of the family of candidates even after they lost the election. I'm sure that you are a sweet old lady and not a crazy old bat.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint. I am a native Georgian. Have you seen what these so called "hunters" do? I have and it saddens me greatly. To see an animal mortally wounded by an arrow in its neck is heartbreaking. I do not want these "hunters" in this area.

Anonymous said...

Plus he puts up all those signs for his wife!

Anonymous said...

Is that an artists sketch of the suspect? Brown, about 4 feet tall, black nose? Yeah, I think I saw him the other day.

Anonymous said...

As many deer as there are in Milton and as many as throw themselves in front of a car every year, there needs to be more controlled hunts in the area-- for the safety of humans and deer alike. Ever seen one run off with a broken leg into the woods after you smack it with your BMW? Yeah, that's so much kinder...