Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Choice Is Yours.


Ok folks, this is your turn to be heard.

What poll would you like us to place on the right margin? With exception of elections, polls typically last ten days.

Feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments section below as well two possible answers with the third option being "other."

We will do our best to choose the most balanced question.

Thanks for participating.


Anonymous said...

Should the new city council approve:
A. Half-acre lots
B. One-third acre lots
C. 3-story condos

in the New Milton that ironically both gets sewers and goes down the sewer?

Anonymous said...

I was at City Hall today and saw the plans for 3 sewer plants to be built all across Milton. I hear they break ground as soon as Julie leaves office. Matt Kunz owns the construction company that has the contract to build them, Adam Orkin owns the land they will be built on and Ron Wallace and Lance Large own all the land around them they plan to build 30 exact replicas of Avensong.

Oh the horror.

In two years this city will look like like Manhattan. Maybe Jakarta is a better example.

I wonder how much mega development they can pack in during the next two years before the next election.

And when nothing bad happens and Milton still looks the same and the only change is shorter, more sane City Council meetings - will the cuckoo birds stay away next time?

We can only dream.

I wish I had copied all the same posts from two years ago when Longoria was elected and the immediate death and destruction of Milton was predicted. Good thing we had Julie and Alan on there these last two years so they could stop all those crazy mega development proposals - oh wait - whats that? there were no mega development proposals to be stopped? - how could that be?

Anonymous said...

should Milton develop Birmingham Park so that it is similar to Fowler Park in Forsyth county?

B. No
C. no opinion

Tim Enloe said...

6:43 - Great suggestion!

We will go with this poll for the next ten days.

Thank you!

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

Nah Longoria didn't promise to gate crooked creek and neither did kunz. Nah kunz did not promise to gate crooked creek if they got him elected. That would be , oh whats the word I'm searching for, un, un, un.....oh unethical!!