Saturday, October 15, 2011


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this forum. I hope that someone pins Kunz and Large (The Developers' Candidates)down to this:

1. Why do you feel that it is so vitally important to ruin our unique community with continued high-density growth and development?

2. With approximately 500 homes and properties for sale in 30004 and millions of square feet of unoccupied retail and commercial properties, please explain how the rapid addition of new properties will affect the existing ones. Dilapidation? Rapid decline in property value? Devaluing existing neighborhoods?

3. How have the developers that finance your campaign convinced you that building new properties that will remain unoccupied will help increase out tax revenue?

4. You have heard certain terms in your campaign including "change" and "new revenue." Do you recognize these as having been used by another politician recently?

(just because you call yourself conservative doesn't mean that you are moral)

Anonymous said...

Is it OK to invite former city manager Beckett to the debate?

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that anyone on the Council wants "high density growth and development" nor that Kunz and Large want a rapid additon of new properties. Someone has been drinking way too much koolaid! What they want is to make sure the "NO" to everything Council people do not run off any more businesses than they already have. Just talk with the business owners in Milton and you will see that they are looking to move to Alpharetta if they have not already done so due to the anti-business environment which is exactly what Zahner Bailey wants. She has been fighting against all businesses for many years and has fought against sidewalks and parks for our community.

Anonymous said...

Your arguments are laughable. Businesses aren't running off to Alpharetta. That is silly.

Look around. Alpharetta is just as plagued by empty retail and commercial space as Milton (and Roswell, and Cumming, and on and on). WE DON'T NEED MORE DEVELOPMENT! We are overbuilt.

As for sidewalks and whatever other ridiculous reasons that one can come up with to cover the pro-high-density agenda... how can they argue that we can't meet our budget woes, but they are the pro-sidewalk and pro-park candidates? Herp/Derp. Real intelligent.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you actually talk to Milton businesses before you start laughing or it will be you that is laughed at when the newspapers finally print the truth about what Milton business owners have been complaining about.

Anonymous said...

Do you think I live in a bubble? Although I don't own a business, I have friends who do. This silly concept isn't even on the radar. I just called with one, and it hasn't even crossed her mind.

Just because your friend got denied a variance in an area where every single affected resident objected doesn't mean that all business owners are moving.

Please, have your candidate come with a specific new idea. At least have him be honest. Kunz wants to increase density and increase the number of commercial properties in Milton. If he thinks that idea will get him elected, then let him say it. Otherwise, he is just a liar and a scam artist.

Anonymous said...

cadfiI too am looking forward to the Forum. Thanks goes to Access Milton and the Milton Herald.