Monday, October 31, 2011

A Few Important Numbers.


As a Financial Advisor I spend my days looking at numbers. It is my job to see both opportunities and challenges before they occur. I did the same thing before I decided to run for the District 2 seat held by my opponent, Mrs. Zahner Bailey. I would like to share a few numbers that jumped out to me.

2. Milton is the second wealthiest city in Georgia. Even in the face of the global economic downturn, Milton has more resources than any other city in Georgia, except 1.

86. That's the percent of Milton's revenues that come from homeowners. This is higher than ANY other North Fulton city. Looked at another way, our government is funded by individuals like you and me. My opponent said that she believes this is sustainable. Nearly every city planning organization says otherwise, including the Livable Communities Initiative that is consulting the city.

18. The City of Milton's budget for this fiscal year is $18 million.

7. That's how many millions of dollars Alpharetta will have as a surplus next year. Their surplus is equal to nearly 40% of our budget!

0. We have no public football, soccer or lacrosse fields in Milton.

0. We do not have any adaptive parks

0. The number of major adjustments we can make with our current revenue

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My opponent says this is fine. I disagree. This campaign is about generating revenue from some place other than you and me. This is about lowering our tax burden. This is about sidewalks, parks, recreational facilities, thriving communities and one making one great city, our city, even better.

8. The number of days until the election.

1. The number of votes I need from every voter in your home to win this election and help turn things around.

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Early Voting is going strong. There are two early voting locations:

Sandy Springs:
North Fulton County Annex
7741 Roswell Road, NE, Suite 232
Sandy Springs
Downtown Atlanta:
Fulton County Government Center
130 Peachtree St., SW
Suite 2186
Or you can vote by mail:


You can also vote by way of an Absentee Ballot.

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The completed application can be:

Fulton County Department of Voter Registration and Elections
130 Peachtree Street, SW
Suite 2186
Atlanta, GA 30303


Anonymous said...

Endose my campaign. Spell check.

Anonymous said...

OK, numbers:

100: Percent that you are in the pocket of special interests that want to "buy" access to our special and unique city.

1: Days that you will be in office before you are paying-back the outside developers that financed your campaign

4: Or more residences that you would like to see built on each acre of land in Milton

76: Signs in each person's yard that you fool into supporting your campaign

0: Times that you have promised to defend the culture and low-density lifestyle of Milton

0: Times that you have told the truth about your intentions

Anonymous said...

Nonsense. Sadly, he is enthusiastically reading back talking points given to him by his paid political consultant and financial backers. He is lost and doesn't even know it. Its becoming obvious, even to people that aren't paying attention.

Anonymous said...

There are some numbers in his campaign that stand out to me too. They are:
• 0 = the number of days spent in a meeting at city hall prior to his campaign.
• 0 = the number of times he stepped foot in city hall in any way shape or form before filing papers to run for elected office.
• 0 = the number of times he showed up anywhere to participate as a volunteer in Milton vision sessions for our parks, transportation solutions, Crabapple vision sessions, ADA awareness meetings, or any other volunteer meeting, etc
• 0 = the number of times he appeared at a Milton City Council meeting to speak on any topic he was passionate about that affects our city.
• 0 = the number of times he attended even the fun stuff in Milton like the Christmas tree lighting, the Mayor's Run, Christmas in Crabapple, the Milton Round-Up (prior to his campaign)
• 0 = his level of understanding of the Milton budget and its $7.8 million fund surplus.
• 15 = the number of special interest groups or developers he is tied to and who have contributed to his campaign.

VS Julie...

• 20+ years of volunteering and service to the City of Milton
• 500+ times appearing before Fulton County to defend what is now a unique and valued way of life we call Milton
• 5 years serving you and your family in a way that has created a premiere place to live, work and play
• $7.8 million...the fund balance Julie helped create through conservative management of our city's budget and resources
• 15+ years working as a senior executive in major financial organizations responsibly managing budgets and financial models

Need I say more?

Now tell me who can run their campaign by the numbers???

I'm just sayin'.......

Anonymous said...

Matt. If you publicly promise to fire every department head from city manager down and only hire people who live in the city, I'll vote for you.

Seriously, at least hire a city manager who doesn't live in Alpharetta, work in Alpharetta, and spend his own money in Alpharetta.........Milton needs leadership. Will you give us that Matt? I doubt it...........

Anonymous said...

What is up with this guy's name? Did they change it to that because they thought it was funny, or aren't smart enough to change from it?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Julie is over qualified for the position and maybe should go back to the corporate world, although her reputation from that is the same as it is now, "nut job"!

Anonymous said...

Highly effective their too. Last poster is hoping to make a buck.