Thursday, October 20, 2011

Highway 9 planning meeting Oct. 27.


Livable Centers Initiative kickoff at 6 p.m. in City Hall.

MILTON, Ga., Oct. 20, 2011 - Want to have a say in the future of Milton's most populated district? Then come to the kickoff meeting for the Ga. 9 planning study Oct. 27 at Milton's City Hall.

The meeting, which includes a presentation and chance for public input, begins at 6 p.m., said City Planner Michelle McIntosh-Ross.

In February, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) awarded Milton a $100,000 Livable Centers Initiative grant for a planning study of the Ga. 9 area from Bethany Bend to Mayfield Road and the areas east of Ga. 9 to Ga. 400, which includes Deerfield Parkway.

"The Ga. 9 corridor is vital to Milton economically and for its visibility as a gateway and potential to be a truly walkable mix of residential, office and commercial uses that does not ignore Milton's equestrian heritage," said McIntosh-Ross. "We need residents to participate in this planning process and help define the area's future."
McIntosh-Ross said the Ga. 9 corridor is home to roughly half of Milton's population and forms the core of its retail and transportation networks. Robust public input into its future is of utmost importance to the future of the city as a whole, she said.

The LCI grant program provides funds for small area studies to determine strategies that link transportation improvements with land-use development. Ultimately, these studies aim to help improve the livability and sustainability of the area.

After the completion and adoption of the plan, the areas become eligible for additional money to implement the transportation projects identified in the study.

For more information on this meeting, please contact McIntosh-Ross at 678-242-2538 or


Anonymous said...

When JZB and Alan Tart tell you they want to protect rural Milton from developers, they are talking about protecting the little rural corner of northwest Milton where JZB lives.

They don't care about the traffic on Highway 9. It's not rural.

They don't care about the traffic on Cogburn Road. It's not rural.

To all the JZB supporters flooding this blog with comments, respond to this:

Why should any resident of the east side of Milton vote to re-elect JZB or Alan Tart? What have they done for the non-rural majority of Milton?

Anonymous said...

To 3:35: You obviously have not reviewed what Alan Tart has done to protect Highway 9 or advance Crabapple, volunteer in his neighborhood, etc. Who do you think proposed the LCI grant submission for Highway 9? Get informed before you speak. The better question is, what has either LL or MK done in their neighborhoods or the city? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

When did Lance Large learn that he was actually living in Milton?

Anonymous said...

When I saw Tart's web site I was informed that his mom and some out of town friends endorse him.

Anonymous said...

Yea and about 150 Milton residents are listed too. What's your point?

Anonymous said...

I'd be reluctant to vote for someone whose campaign website includes a friend list like the Facebook page of a middle school girl.

Anonymous said...

Then don't vote for him then. AT probably doesn't want someone who doesn't understand the meaning of the word "endorse" voting for him anyway. I know the concept is a bit obscure for the LL campaign. Receiving $ from developers and engineer friends who wish to do business with the city is really different than to receive endorsements. That's really more like "favors" (I'll pat your back if you pat mine)

Anonymous said...

What does the East Side of Milton want Milton to look like? Plus, is the majority of the population non rural? Who owns more property/land/acreage in Milton?

Large and Kunz are appealing to the non-rural residents because there are more votes packed into subdivisions. They do not care about the open road residents yet we own more property and contribute more property tax monies than one resident in one house on one acre in a subdivision. Too bad we don't get to vote per acre, then you'd see their (city council and candidates) tune change drastically.

We are Mudd and are treated like mud. They all talk out both sides of their mouths.

I will stick with Bailey and Tart given their track record. It's more than I can say the other 5 have done for the larger property owners. The only things I've witnessed is Mayor swap sides last elections, and join the developers and those on Council who also favor development.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Milton's population is non-rural and lives on the east side of Milton.

The OVERWHELMING majority of Milton's taxes are paid by residents of the non-rural east side of Milton.

Yes, the "rural" landowners on the west side of Milton own far more land than the residents of the east side, but they contribute far less to our City's tax base.

That is exactly the problem.

Anonymous said...

So one guy on one acre in a 250,000 home pays more taxes than a guy on 20 acres with a 250,000 home on it? Interesting math. There are more people in subdivisions on the east side however they do not pay more property tax individually than those Individuals on large properties.

The problem is candidates cater to where the votes are period and don't give a damn about the rest of us who do pay considerably more taxes due to the size of our properties. They don't care. The new guys are the same as the 5 on council who wouldn't blink at the chance of large property owners fleeing and selling our land to developers who will turn Milton into a community full of subdivisions, just like Alpharetta. How are you going to make us want to stay? By alienating us? Maybe u don't want us to remain.

Anonymous said...

Rich vs poor
Non rural vs rural
Can we become more divided
The problem is a small tight knit group, on council, whose good intentions have led to greed and power and control of this community. Like cancer it must be irradiated for our community to keep the lifestyle we all cherish and love about this area which makes us a much desired and unique laid back way of life. Those who live on the open roads on larger secluded properties get this. Those in subdivisions may not, as a subdivision looks the same everywhere you go once you get past the entrance all over the US.

Anonymous said...

So open road vs subdivision is OK?

Anonymous said...

Let’s do the math.

A modest 3 bedroom house on a 2.1 acre lot on Bethany Road is appraised for tax purposes at $200,400, so the owner pays $380 in property taxes to the City of Milton.

A modest 3 bedroom house on a 0.2 acre lot in the Fairmont subdivision is appraised for tax purposes at $205,800, so the owner pays $390 in property taxes to the City of Milton.

The owner of the 2.1 acre lot on Bethany Road pays less taxes than the owner of the 0.2 acre subdivision lot because his land is appraised for tax purposes at a much lower rate per acre. The Bethany Road lot is appraised at $32,000 per acre, while the lot in the Fairmont subdivision is appraised at $190,000 per acre.

When you do the math, it is clear that the “rural” landowners on the west side of Milton contribute far less to our City’s tax base than residents of the east side.

Again, that is exactly the problem.

Anonymous said...

an acre appraises the same as any other acre unless it's a commercial acre. you say the subdivision acre is more, that's because the developer has jacked up the price of the acre in order to make a profit, especially if the house is under $500,000.

You don't appraise residential acreage on an open road any different than in a subdivision. The developer sells the lots for more but the appraiser only gives it the true value, which is whatever the markets are driving at the time.

Anonymous said...

So someone on 2+ to say 20 acres with a 250,000 home DOES pay more than someone on 1 acre in a 250,000 home in a subdivision. The land, raw, is the same per acre.

So the subdivisions if you add up their properties together due to the quantity of homeowners in that subdivision, let's say they entire subdivison takes up 100 acres, than if you compare that to someone with one house on 100 acres, than yes the subdivision contributes more taxes than just ONE large land owner, because each acre has a house on it, but individualy they do not pay more taxes than one person on 2+ or more acres. What are you people not getting?

Anonymous said...

The two posters above are absolutely wrong.

The appraised fair market value of every residence in Milton is available at The property taxes payable to the City of Milton are calculated as 40% of the appraised FMV x .004731. When you do the math, the facts show:

A $200,000 house on a 0.2 acre lot in a Highway 9 subdivision pays exactly the same property taxes as a $200,000 house on a 2 acre lot on Bethany Road. Ten homes on 2 acres in the Highway 9 subdivision pay ten times more taxes than a 2 acre lot on Bethany Road.

A $1,000,000 house on 1 acre in The Manor pays exactly the same property taxes as a $1,000,000 house on 10 acres on Birmingham Road. Ten homes on 10 acres in The Manor pay ten times more taxes than a 10 acre lot on Birmingham Road.