Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Milton Peoples Forum...Online: Question 2 / District 2.

Courtesy & The Milton Herald

As referenced this past week on, the Milton Herald and are continuing the Milton Peoples Forum online. The focus
is to ask questions that time did not allow us to address at this past week's event.

In order to insure equal visibility for both districts, District 2 candidates answers will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings while District 6 candidates answers will be listed on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Candidates are limited to a maximum of 200 words per answer and are listed alphabetically.

Our second question is:

Many of Milton's roads are very narrow and many have no shoulder whatsoever. In addition, Milton is a popular area for cyclists. Until Milton’s trail plan has been implemented, what can be done to make the roads safer for all travelers?

District 2 Candidate Matt Kunz=>

"Milton has 203 miles of road with 406 miles of shoulders. Not all roads are safe enough to accommodate both vehicles and cyclists. Our Public Works Department has done an excellent job assessing the quality of our roads. Now we need to do a further study to identify those roads where we can reasonably provide for cyclists within our budget, while paying attention to the legal liability issues that inevitably arise. Common sense should prevail until we can put a more comprehensive plan into place, which of course, will require additional sources of revenue. I have previously proposed that additional funding should come from a reinvigorated private sector operating out of our existing commercial areas.

Going forward all repaving should include bike/running lanes. Revenues should be set aside for that purpose. In this way, we can balance the absolute need for safety with the desire to provide healthy recreational resources for our citizens. In the meantime, a range of well-known traffic calming measures can be implemented.

I should note that competitive cycling is big business these days. If cyclists from other areas feel safe on our roads, they will bring in additional resources, revenue and recognition to our city."

District 2 Candidate Julie Zahner Bailey=>

"Numerous initiatives are underway creating short/long-term improvements to road safety. These include:
• Milton’s Transportation Master Plan has been approved, setting in motion citywide improvements including corridor, intersection and bridge, equestrian and cyclist, disabled access, and pedestrian improvements.
• Corridor improvements are being coordinated with adjacent municipalities and the Atlanta Region Commission including Arnold Mill (140) and Highway 9.
• Intersection improvements are funded/underway: Birmingham Highway/New Providence, Arnold Mill/New Providence, Francis/Cogburn/Hopewell and Bethany/ Cogburn.
• We’re evaluating approaches for Crabapple and Birmingham Highway and Crabapple Road.
• Roundabouts, funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation, will be utilized as they successfully calm traffic and reduce speeds.
• Speed reduction for our roadways is evaluated annually – some speed limits have already been reduced.
• Paving of roadways continues based on prioritization based on road condition. Our $7.8MM surplus fund balance will allow all needed annual paving at which time bicycle lanes should be marked for correct widths.
• I have proposed the City initiate a proactive driver and cyclist education campaign to communicate “rules of the road,” to improve safety.
• Sidewalks and other alternative pathways are being implemented through a variety of means including the Safer Routes to School program


Anonymous said...

You gonna make the cyclists who come from all over other cities who ride our roads and make it very dangerous for us who live here, pay for the bike paths? The cyclists want the bike paths, we don't. I will tell you what, get them to pay for it, and I will agree to the bike paths. Why should every citizen pay for the bike paths when most of us don't use them or wouldn't anyway on these two lane winding roads? With or without them it's dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother.

Gotta love Kunz, or as he is known by his yard signs |KUNZ|KUNZ| |KUNZ|KUNZ| |KUNZ|KUNZ| |KUNZ|KUNZ| |KUNZ|KUNZ|

He can't help but channel Obama, "additional sources of revenue."

What to the people think he means by "additional sources of revenue"? Drive down Holcomb Bridge Rd if you want to see his vision of Milton. Imagine the undeveloped five acres next to you supporting 20 homes like they build in Dunwoody, Roswell and Alpharetta if you want to envision his idea of "new revenue."

If you need to ask him any more questions, you can find him living in a tent down in North Park screaming, "I am the 99%... I AM THE 99%."

Anonymous said...

That is right.

Anonymous said...

The Bailey team is getting mean.

Anonymous said...

Every single Adam Orkin property and every single undeveloped property in Miltonis LOADED with Kunz and Large signs. if you can't see the writing on the wall you are dense!

These are the same exact properties that Occupied Thurman, Lusk! Longoria! Mohrig, Obrien and Santi campaign signs previously. Milton they are all joined at the frikken hip. Our council will be Occupy Milton, except those occupying it will be salivating developers. The campagn donation lists don't lie!

Tim please publish Kuntz and Large donor lists since you do as your readers request. They are public record. Post the others as well.

Oh and please put in bike lanes all over Milton we just are dying to have more cyclists on our roads cause it just ain't dangerous enough yet. I don't want to attract more cyclists on our roads sorry!!!

Anonymous said...

Sure hope the majority of voters don't fall for that same old line again. Notice where the other Kunz signs are; in pastures, in the yards of humble homes, restaurants which many Milton residents support such as The Union and Old Blind Dog, and in the front yards of previous supporters of Julie Zahner Bailey.

Anonymous said...

oH YES in the front yard of the the Olde Blind Dog and the owner, Ron Wallace, who along with Adam Orkin has donated 2500 per Large and Kunz. Why is that? Because he wants Crabapple developed and the density adjusted to bring in more people so they can bring more business to HIS restaurant. Kunz does have sporadic signs in peoples yards, duh, but the majority are empty lots and Orkin properties or those who support development so THEY can make money!

It's the same old argument becuase it's frikken TRUE! It's the same group, different players. But the same old group of developers has hand picked these two knuckleheads to get into council and do their bidding. Do you think that Kunz and Large are going to oppose whatever Orkin or Wallace or Weiland wants to do, seeing they gave more than anyone to both campaigns. That's like Obama getting bundles and not calling it money from Lobbyist, it's the same frikken thing people!

Anonymous said...

Get a clue last poster. Do you think those people would support Julie, no! It is not so much the challengers that the community is looking to but more against Bailey.

Anonymous said...

Half the folks I have talked to that have JZB signs in their yards tell me that they are not voting for her. They say she hounds them to put up a sign and they just do it so she will leave. They also say that as soon as they remove them that B ill Bailey shows up with more! Most of these are on Birmingham Highway.

Anonymous said...

Have a close look at the Kunz and Large sign locations - mostly Kunz, because he has raised more developer money. In addition to every commercial property and vacant lot, they are in front of investor owned rental homes and the homes of developers. Very few "regular folk." Lots of money, lots of signs. I don't think anyone paying attention is fooled by this promotion.

That is an absurd statement from last poster about the Bailey's hounding anyone for sign location. The bulk of the community gets it and supports Julie.

Lee at said...

@5:34 AM - It is easy to search for campaign contributions. Go to Next click "Search reports & Records" -> "Candidate reports" -> "Campaign contributions". Type the name of your favorite developer-funded candidate and watch the fun begin!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone brought up the fact that The Union plastered Kunz signs all over their property.

I used to enjoy meeting my family there for dinner on the way home from work. No more! I am so outraged that they are pushing this agenda.

Anonymous said...

What developer money? The developers don't have any money anymore.... find a new song to sing. The developer/sewer rap doesn't work anymore...

Anonymous said...

10am, are you stoopid or just new?

Two posts above you points to the public disclosure site where you can clearly find for yourself that the same dirtbags that have been trying to buy government access to Milton for years are financing the Kunz campaign.

Kunz is in the pocket of the sleeziest scumbags that this city has to offer. What does that make him?