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FACT or FICTION: An Informed Analysis of the City’s Financial Picture Relative to Road Maintenance.

Friends of Alan Tart Newsletter
October 7, 2011

Fact or Fiction? An Informed Analysis of Milton's Financial Picture Relative to Road Maintenance

As you may know, I have an opponent running in the City Council election. Some of his campaign messaging indicates a fundamental misunderstanding of at least our city's finances, but also the vision that we have defined for our future. Since both of these areas are critically important, I think it is worthwhile to separate FACTS from FICTION:


“Milton has more miles of roads than Alpharetta or Roswell, yet only a fraction of the revenue to pay for it. We cannot sustain this. A change of direction is necessary.”


· A good portion of our paved road inventory is made up of state roads (SR140 “Arnold Mill,” SR372 “Birmingham Highway ,” and SR 9 “Highway 9”).

· Maintenance of state roads is the sole responsibility of the GDOT.

· The city is responsible for the remainder of our paved roads (190 miles). Find out more

· The city has a comprehensive transportation plan (CTP) which includes a pavement management report.

· The CTP calls for maintenance based on a thorough evaluation of our roads’ pavement condition index (PCI) every 3-5 years with on-going adjustments as needed.

· A comparison of the PCI of our roads helps the city establish annual paving priorities.

· The CTP suggests that $2.25M is needed per year to increase the area-weighted pavement condition index (PIC) to 70 and decrease the rehabilitation backlog to an acceptable level. Link (see page 8)

· In 2010, the city council made the crucial decision to terminate the services of CH2M Hill and transition to a more traditional style of government. Our savings in 2010 = $1.3M. Our savings in 2011 and every year thereafter = an additional $1M per year.

· Consequently, the city has been able to set $2M aside for paving in FY ’12 and is planning to fully fund at the $2.25M level in subsequent years (2013 – 2016). Link (see page 91)

· In addition, for re-striping, we have set aside $60k in FY ’12 and plan to set aside $80k in subsequent years (2013-2016). Multiyear funding is also included for gravel road maintenance. Link (see page 91)

· Furthermore, GDOT Local Maintenance and Improvement Grants (LMIG), if awarded to Milton, could accelerate paving projects or offset the city’s costs.

In conclusion, we have the necessary revenue to maintain our streets, both in the short and long term. This strong financial standing is due in part to the decisions I have made in the past four years as your council member.

I ask for your vote on November 8. I am a proven, unbiased leader, and I remain unwavering in my commitment to ensure the city's fiscal viability and vision to sustain our unique character are realized.

Remember that all district city council positions in Milton are at-large, meaning all citizens, regardless of the district in which they live, vote for every district position.

Call to Action - How You Can Help

Make no mistake about it...this is an extremely important election for Milton. This is what you can do to ensure our success on Nov 8:

Display a yard sign - Order now!
Host a meet and greet or fundraiser
Volunteer to be part of the Friends of Alan Tart campaign team
Register to Vote (Deadline is Oct. 11)
Please let me know how you can help and feel free to contact me with any questions or issues you may have. Thanks again for your support!


Alan M. Tart

Council Member (District 6, At-Large)

Milton, GA

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Anonymous said...

so do we or dont we have more miles of roads than alpharetta or roswell? this looks like typical alana avoiding the actual question and giving a long answer that doesnt match up

Anonymous said...

Are you dense? What difference does it make? The point that is clearly made is that we have enough money to pay for the maintenance of our roads and we don't have to become like Alpharetta or Roswell to do it. Large Kunz are just repeating BS they hear behind closed doors which is nothing more than scare tactics. Politics as usual!

Anonymous said...

Vote Matt Kunz and Alan Tart, a win-win for all.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I understand what is fiction. Milton clearly does have more miles of roads than Alpharetta and Roswell. Alpharetta and Roswell both have state highways within their city limits just as Milton does. Milton has a significantly smaller budget than both Alpharetta and Roswell. So what part of the statement is fiction? Alan better get his facts straight before making this type of comment or voters will see his ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Milton has more square miles, so does that mean we have more roads?

Anonymous said...

You guys must not be getting this on purpose. Large's "more miles" comment coupled with his comment that we did not have the money to fund maintenance was just plain wrong. He was clearly implying that we had more to pay for. We do not. As second poster stated, its all irrelevant since we have the money to fund it anyway.

Maybe fear slinging works, but maybe it backfires.

Nim By said...

I agree that the funding is there, but Alan did not address all of the statement, only half, which is typical of him and Julie

Anonymous said...

You people are either unbelievably stupid or are trying to be stupid on purpose to be funny. Either way, it's just sad. Let me break it down for those of you who scored 100 on your verbal SAT: "LL says we don't have enough money to pay our bills for street maintenance, but if we elect him, we will. Thing is, we already have enough money to pay our bills. LL doesn't know what he is talking about and should really get his story straight before making claims that aren't true. Otherwise, he appears like he doesn't know what he is talking about." Was that simple enough for you? I hope I didn't make it too complicated with the contractions. Someone call Alan and tell him he needs to bring his emails down a couple of grade levels for these people.

Anonymous said...

Who really shives a git as to who has the most roads.

Anonymous said...

Before their implosion, the top guy at Enron famously did the same thing: derided people that asked how Enron made it's money (Cnbc or Msnbc, "The Smartest Guys in the Room").

Anonymous said...

Enron & derided??? All that matters is da ride on Milton's roads.