Monday, October 24, 2011

School Bus Wreck Police Report.

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Courtesy City of Milton Police Department.

Many thanks to Kathy Fies of the Milton Police Department for providing the following report to readers. Be advised that both Freemanville and Redd Roads are almost 100% residential.




DATE: 10/21/2011


TIME: 16:05

ROAD OF OCCURENCE: Freemanville Road


DRIVER 1: 1997 Dodg Ram 3500
REMOVED BY: United Towing

DRIVER 2: 2004 INTL 3000

REPORT DATE: 10/21/2011

CHECKED BY: Borsey, J.
DATE CHECKED: 10/22/2011


Vehicle 1 was directly behind Vehicle 2 On Freemanville Road. Vehicle 2 stopped to make a left hand turn onto Redd Road. Driver 1 said that he lost control of his vehicle attempting to stop and rear ended Vehicle 2. Driver 1 was issued a citation for following too closely.


Anonymous said...

What really happened:

Driver 1 was so distracted by the 97 Mat Kunz signs at that intersection that he didn't even notice a giant yellow bus right in front of him.

Driver 1 has issued a complaint to the area developers that are financing the Kunz campaign (none of which live in or care about Milton). They have replied that when they open a strip mall at that intersection, there will be a traffic light to prevent these types of accidents.

Anonymous said...

First of all were there Any kids on the bus? Hope not and that no one was injured.

As for the previous poster, you are so right!, enough with the numerous signs on the same property. On that same corner there are signs put out by Noah of Noah's Ark, instead of animals two by two the residents are inundated with doubling up of signs two by two by Matt Kunz. Still not gonna get my vote and now you are annoying me Matt kunz with your redundancy of signs on the same property!

Annoying = Kunz

Anonymous said...

There you go again. Is this act of desperation in the JZB camp? Maybe people should vote the exact opposite of your intent to mislead by spewing garbage. If it was not okay in 2006 and 2007 against JZB, then why do you think it is now okay by you? Foolish. Tisk-tisk.

Anonymous said...

JZB does the exact same thing with her signs. Not good enough to put just one on a property? Funny thing is that if you ride by her house only one sign? Go figure!

Anonymous said...

No, Kunz has signs two by two down property lines, they are touching as if one big sign. JZB does not do that. They all put numerous signs on one property, it's the two by two crap that is over the top. That is a turn off. And stop knocking on doors asking people that you don't know, or have no idea who Kunz is if you can put a sign in their yard. Why would anyone let you put a sign in their yard for someone they've never met and don't know at all. Talk about desperate!!

Anonymous said...

To the second poster, have you ever been to a city council meeting?

If you have, you know:

Annoying = JZB

Anonymous said...

Annoying to those who don't want her to question anything or oppose anything or offer a different view or opinion. If you think it's bad to have an opposing opinion, than why? Is that how you want our United States Government to Run, unopposed, with only those sharing the same views in Congress.

No thanks!
Vote Julie Bailey for Milton!

Anonymous said...

No thank you. We fell for that line(s) in the last two elections and it hasnt worked for anyone but Bailey's personal resume. Before we didnt have an option. This election we do. Vote Matt Kunz for Milton.

Anonymous said...

So you didn't like Roger Santi when he ran against Julie, "no option before", yet Roger Santi is one of Matt's supporters. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

I have been to many city council meetings and it is very entertaining in watching Karen Thurman squirm around in her seat and roll her eyes when someone, anyone disagrees with her.

It's part of the job Karen to have to listen to opposing views, sorry your daddy can't make it easier for you on council, but your developer buddies are trying like heck by supporting Kunz and Large.

Anonymous said...

And your point is? Sort of like comparing an apple to a tomato. We supported and have always voted for Bailey. Note past tense.

Anonymous said...

Ya said she had no competition before, and now a young kid green behind the ears. Pass! Get it, he's played football!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard as many malapropisms anywhere else as I have here. "Green behind the ears"? Isn't the expression "wet behind the ears"? I'm glad that inarticulate voters support JZB. She might be "green with envy".

Anonymous said...

green behind the ears means no experience. wet behind the ears means someone just got out of the pool or other. the green i think was on purpose, don't think you got the joke, given MGG...anything green means new, you know like a plant sprouting out of the ground, sprout, sapling, whatever...

He's blue and yellow behind the ears anyway....we get that he went to Notre Dame, big deal, their football team has sucked for many years, so how does that help Milton?

Anonymous said...

He can vote right along with the Council team, without opposing. That's how he can help those on city council get their way, don't you know anything.

They needed a team player, not someone to challenge the system or make their agenda more difficult, so go find people to run against Bailey and Tart who will do the WILL of the Council, and NOT the WILL of the People.

Plain as day.