Monday, October 03, 2011

Milton needs Lance Large!

Courtesy Large 4 Milton

Dear Friends,

Last week I shared with you my belief that we do not have to make a choice between our heritage and high tech opportunities. After listening to our business community on Tuesday and a community meeting in the Birmingham area in Thursday night, I am convinced more than ever that now is the time for new leadership we can count on. We have a unique opportunity in front of us to support a broader vision espoused by the mayor or to go in the other direction.

We have less than 40 days to go and I need your support to help change our direction. Consider making a contribution of $10, $25, $50 or more.

The facts are startling. Milton has more miles of roads than Alpharetta or Roswell, yet only a fraction of the revenue to pay for it. Milton has one of the strongest youth sports culture in the area, yet we only have one field for our children to play. We have the second highest median income in the state but homeowners shoulder over 85% of the revenue burden.

I am the only candidate for District 6 with experience creating jobs, generating revenue and balancing the books. I am the only candidate for District 6 with a business plan for the city.

I said it before and I will say it again. Milton is already a great place to live. The job for the next council is to make Milton also a great place to work and to play. We need economic growth so we do not have to fight traffic traveling to and from places like Atlanta to work. We must improve our road systems to alleviate traffic congestion. We need our own parks and recreational fields so that our children can play close to home. We need walking paths and bike paths for our community. All of these require one thing, revenue we do not have.

If you believe that we can have our heritage and high tech, please click here and support my campaign.


Lance Large


Old Timer said...

LL needs to speak directly to "our heritage". How does he identify it? What does he consider it to be? Give this oldtimer some specifics and I don't care to hear

Anonymous said...

Don't you know? He wants us to be like Virginia Beach! As if he knows what OUR heritage is. He moved here three years ago, didn't even know he moved to Milton until someone from the City of Alpharetta told him he bought a house here. No lie...Listen to his interview. "Oops, how about that?" But now he wants to be a councilman!?! What an unbelievable joke this guy is and so OUT OF TOUCH he is with our "heritage." It just seems to get worst!

Anonymous said...

How can he speak to "our heritage" when in the video he didn't even know the city had a charter...what it was...or how to answer the simple question?

Anonymous said...

Milton needs Alan Tart!

Anonymous said... a hole in the head.

Anonymous said...

6:11. Guess Milton needs factories, industrial parks, and more big box stores (you know, that bring those high salaried jobs that LL keeps talking about that supposedly people moved to Milton for).

Anonymous said...

"If you don't vote for Tart, then [insert calamity here]". It feels like the hard sell you'd get at an Amway presentation, or when they try to sell you an extended warranty when you buy a DVD player.

Anonymous said...

Milton does not need lance large, we already got lusk, Thurman, longoria and even Lockwood who are pro development. Pass!

Anonymous said...

I think Burt Hewitt is now in the development business as well.

If they can just get Large and Kunz in, it will be unanimous and they can finally start making some money again.

Anonymous said...

It is truly comical. Drive by any developer's house, any commercial development, any developer-owned property, and what do you see? LL signs everywhere. Who do you think wants another man on the inside?

Is it not enough that we have countless unoccupied neighborhoods, homes and storefronts? Lance Large says, "Let's build more!!"

Anonymous said...

I don't see Tart signs anywhere but Avensong. What does that mean, Inspector Clouseau? I see Zahner Bailey signs in the medians on Deerfield Parkway; does that mean they'll rename it after her if she wins the election?