Monday, October 31, 2011

20 Facts About Milton's Financial Outlook.

Courtesy Friend Of Alan Tart


1. Milton's prodominently residential property tax base (86% versus 14% commercial) was the original intent when our city was founded. In fact, it is part of what makes us unique from Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell, and Sandy Springs. Milton collects the highest per resident property tax revenue of any of the 13 cities in Fulton County - any city in GA, in fact. This is because the area has the highest average property values by a signficant margin. This more than compensates for the lower-than-average commercial tax base for your average city.

2. Our prodominently residential property tax base is absolutely sustainable. Prior to incorporation, UGA's Carl Vinson Institute conducted a study on the city's economic viability and found that we could sustain with services at or slightly above those provided when we were unincorporated Fulton County. Click here to read an article in the Oct 2011 Georgia Trend magazine that discusses Milton's strong financial footing.

3. Five years after the study and under the worst recession the world has seen since the Great Depression, our city is doing extremely well financially. In fact, we are doing better than anyone imagined we would do prior to our incorporation.

4. We already provide services way above levels provided by Fulton County with no increase in your tax rate. Contact me for examples of how Milton's current level of service is better than when we were unincorporated Fulton County. =>

5.In spite of the fact that Milton is only five years old, we are positioned to fully meet citizens' expectations relative to public safety, parks and recreation, and road and intersection improvements in the next few years.

6. We have a 5-year capital improvement plan (despite my opponent's misinformation) that is included in our annual budgets. In fact, our city manager projects seven years out for planning purposes. This plan is fully funded to repair bridges, pave roads, fix dangerous intersections, replace aging public safety vehicles, and secure new, state-of-the-art equipment for our police and fire departments.

7. Our transportation master plan calls for $2,200,000 per year to repair the backlog of paving we inherited from Fulton County and maintain our roads in good condition. $2,000,000 has been set aside for 2012 and $2,200,000 will be set aside every year thereafter (fully funded). Gravel road maintenance is fully funded at $145,000 per year.

8. My opponent claims that we have done enough "planning" and "studying" for parks..."it's time to build." However, we have only had a parks and recreation department for one year now. During this year, we secured available fields and recreational space through agreements with schools and surrounding municipalities to provide immediate relief to our citizens. Now, it's time to focus on developing Birmingham Park, ensuring that Fulton County delivers Providence Park to us clean and on time, and expanding Bell Memorial Park. Although a citizen survey of park and recreation needs has been completed, a master planning process has not been completed. If you like Forsyth's new park system and want Milton to have something comparable, then you need to know that it was a four year process that included a comprehensive master planning process at its onset. Every good project manager knows that the cardinal rule of project manamgement is that you first PLAN, then IMPLEMENT. As your council member, I don't embarck on expensive projects without first planning how your tax dollars will be used effectively and efficiently to fully meet your needs.

9.Six intersection improvements are underway at the following locations to improve mobility, accessability, and safety: a) Birmingham Rd. at Hopewell Rd., b) SR 140 Arnold Mill Rd. and New Providence Rd., c) Bethany Bend at Cogburn Rd., d) SR 372 Birmingham Hwy. and Providence/New Providence Rd., e) Mayfield Rd. at Mid Broadwell Rd., and f) Hopewell/Francis Rd. at Cogburn/Hopewell Rd. Intersection improvements require three to four years to complete and include design, right-of-way and easement acquisition, and construction. We are progressing on schedule with all of these projects, although you may not see construction underway yet. See progress of existing intersection projects=>

10. My opponent claims that we must expand commercial to "ease the residential tax burden," yet we have the second lowest millage (property tax) rate of any city in north Atlanta: Johns Creek (4.614), Milton (4.731), Sandy Springs (4.731), Roswell (5.455), Suwanee (5.65), Alpharetta (5.750), Duluth (5.991). In comparison, all of these cities have considerably more commercial development and, consequently, less character and charm than Milton does. Seems obvious that more commercial doesn't necessary mean lower taxes.

11. Our millage rate is fixed by law, and it requires a referendum to change it.

12. We pay less for police and fire protection than most North Fulton cities, yet our land area is, in most cases, much larger. As a function of % total budget, Milton uses 39.83% of its budget with 39 sq. miles, Roswell 35% with 42 sq. miles, Sandy Springs 37.5% with 39 sq. miles, Johns Creek 44% with 32 sq. miles, Alpharetta 46.4% with 21 sq. miles. Milton's percentage goes down to 33% of our total budget when you include a conservative $3,500,000 increase in revenue we will get starting in 2013 from local option sales tax. These are your tax dollars coming back to Milton (rather than being handed to Fulton County) as a result of 2010 census numbers.

13. As the catalyst for supporting massive commercial expansion, my opponent references a line from pg. 17 of our comprehensive plan dated 6-6-11 which states, "BASED ON THE LIMITED FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OF THE PLAN, it appears there would be a potential shortfall in revenue versus expenses as early as 2013." This assumption is outdated. Contact me to find out why=> .
It is reckless leadership to "cherry pick" statements from documents on our website that are updated every 3-5 years and use these to promote changes in policy that could forever change our city without first understanding the scope and current financial situation affecting the validity of these statements.

14. Our city was attractive to developers and businesses before the recession, and we will continue to be attractive as the economy improves.

15. "Empty store fronts" is not a condition unique to Milton. It was not caused by our city's fiscal policies or lack of incentives, nor will it somehow be fixed by making reactionary, potentially revenue-reducing and character-changing, modifications to them.

16. Filling our empty store fronts and encouraging responsible growth and development in our existing commercial areas is a must for the quality of life of our citizens, but despite my opponent's assertion, even with these areas completely filled out, this is simply not enough commercial to change the property tax ratio.

17. To effectively change the property tax base ratio would require development the scale of Atlantic Station in Milton. Not only do our citizens not want that in our city, but our low population density would not support development of this scale. (Note all the empty store fronts we have now.)

18.A massive expansion of commercial development promoted by my opponent would have a detrimental effect on our residential property values and result in less revenue for our city.

19. Our citizens do not want to live in Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, or Roswell. If they did, they would move there.

20. Our city needs experienced, objective leaders who will ensure we don't make reactionary, reckless, and uninformed decisions that will lead us down the path of becoming like these cities.


Next Tuesday, Nov 8th, choose a leader from District 6 who has proven to be unbiased and who has the experience to ensure our city's vision remains a reality...a thoughtful leader who incorporates the will of citizens into decision making...a proven leader who makes careful, informed decisions before spending your hard earned tax who will tell you the truth rather than just telling you what you want to hear in a desperate attempt to get elected. On Nov 8th, RE-ELECT ALAN TART, and together we will:

Fully staff, equip, and train our police and fire departments;
Develop our parks;
Complete road and intersection improvements;
Re-develop Crabapple to become the historic, "four corners" Village our citizens want;
Re-create Milton County;
Support our existing businesses and fill our empty store fronts with upscale businesses that contribute to our quality of life; and
Continue enhancing the level of service the city provides WITHOUT tax increases or a massive expansion of commercial that will lower your property values and quality of life and forever change our beautiful city.
Thank you for your support and vote on Nov 8th and for your confidence in allowing me to serve you these past four years.

Alan Tart


Visit my website to learn more about my accomplishments and plan for Milton, to donate to my campaign, or just show your support by ordering a yard sign or providing an endorsement: .

Join me election night, 11/8, from 6:30-10:00 p.m. for my ELECTION NIGHT PARTY. Location: Erwoods Kitchen and Keg located at 12635 Crabapple Rd., Suite 310. See you there! Click here=>


Early Voting Still in Progress

Early Voting: Early voting continues through Friday, November 4. Early voting locations are:

North Fulton County Annex, 7741 Roswell Road, NE, Suite 232, Sandy Springs
Downtown at the Fulton County Government Center, 130 Peachtree St., SW, Suite 2186, Atlanta
Absentee Voting: If you will be out of town on Election Day, November 8, and are unable to vote early, there is still time to request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. You can print an absentee ballot application by clicking HERE=>

The completed application should be mailed to:
Fulton County Department of Voter Registration and Elections
130 Peachtree Street, SW
Suite 2186
Atlanta, GA 30303
Call to Action - How You Can Help

Make no mistake about it...this is an extremely important election for Milton. This is what you can do to ensure our success on Nov 8:
Display a yard sign - Order now!
Host a meet and greet or fundraiser
Volunteer to be part of the Friends of Alan Tart campaign team
Please let me know how you can help and feel free to contact me with any questions or issues you may have. Thanks again for your support!

Alan M. Tart
Council Member (District 6, At-Large)
Milton, GA

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Website -


Anonymous said...

Spell check.

Anonymous said...

Alan, you have my vote!

Anonymous said...

Somebody's panties are in a wad!

Anonymous said...

I'll be voting for this guy. He gets it.

Anonymous said...

The contrast between these candidates could not be more stark. There is no way that an informed voter would pull the lever for Large.

Anonymous said...

Some people are good at getting things done.

Other people are good at writing long memos explaining why they can't get things done.

Anonymous said...

That statement sounds correct. Just not sure what it means.

Anonymous said...

Alan, if expectations are the bare minimum or less than we had with the county, then CONGRATULATIONS!

I thing 7 million in the bank is saying my taxes are too high for the level of services you provide. If you are making money as a city, then we don't need you! Spend the money or give it back!

Where is our improved roads, public safety, and services? A couple paving jobs, 2 Police Officers, Same amount of Fire; and one little shack for a summer camp doesn't cut it!

Sorry if I spelled anything wrong!

Anonymous said...

Someone isn't paying attention. Road and traffic improvements are now funded for years to come and the Parks can be built out. In addition, any entity needs emergency reserves. That they were able to do this at the same tax levels as Fulton County, while raising service levels is nothing short of amazing.

Some people can find a negative position in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

That's because God made stupid people too.

Anonymous said...

Careless proofreading is the least critical thing someone could point out about this latest manifesto. Its overall tone seems desperate. The go-to move of providing wordy white paper responses to questions may have served him well in his government job or his HOA gig. Perhaps there he feels the liberty to write off people that disagree with his dogma as stupid. Count how often comments that support Tart include that element. But as a candidate for reelection, there are promises to maintain the status quo but not nearly enough other deliverables to inspire. What an old schooler might call his “book smarts” doesn’t come with the ability to build consensus.

Anonymous said...

If Tart is not re-elected, they won't have to build consensus. THey will have it walking in the door.

Anonymous said...

If he's not a game changer, then don't complain that the game's not fair.