Wednesday, October 12, 2011

District 2 Milton GA Candidate Julie Zahner Bailey Interviewed.

Courtesy The Milton Herald &

The Milton Herald & have partnered together for the 2011 Milton Georgia City Council Election.

Regarding the Q & A, questions are not shared prior.

Best of luck to all the candidates!




Anonymous said...

Why say in 2 parts what you could have said in 1?

Anonymous said...

Copsey lost the coin flip with Tim.

Anonymous said...

At least she understood the questions.

Anonymous said...

She has substance too.

Anonymous said...

How many years again?

Anonymous said...

Like her or not, she gets it and Milton needs balance in decision making. Without balance and a completely developer driven Council, Milton will morph into Johns Creek so fast that it will make your head spin.

Our property values are driven by our current character - different than other cities.

Anonymous said...

Lets see Matt Kunz appeared at WC with Rick Mohrig, Roger Santi....hmmmm same old group trying like heck to unseat Bailey. Why is that? Is she in the way of something. Now lets look at the donors.....Adam Orkin! What a surprise, he owns more land in Milton than anyone!!! Oh holy cow people! Enough already! Keep Bailey or lose Milton to developers! Simple!

Anonymous said...

And Paul Moore was there too. What does that say?