Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Milton Peoples Forum...Online: Question 1 / District 2.

Courtesy & The Milton Herald

As referenced this past week on, the Milton Herald and are continuing the Milton Peoples Forum online. The focus
is to ask questions that time did not allow us to address at this past week's event.

In order to insure equal visibility for both districts, District 2 candidates answers will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings while District 6 candidates answers will be listed on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Candidates are limited to a maximum of 200 words per answer and are listed alphabetically.

Our first question is:

Milton currently has excellent fire and police department personnel. How does our compensation package for these individuals compare to what is being offered in adjacent communities and how would you suggest that Milton ensure it retains these good people?


"It is very important that the salaries and benefits we offer our police and fire department personnel be competitive. Fortunately, we are generally on a par with other cities in the area, and our retention rate reflects that. As a member of the City Council, I will ensure that Milton conducts annual benchmarking studies to compare Milton’s public safety policies and services to other cities of similar population and demographics. Most companies conduct benchmarking activities on a regular basis to assess salary levels, benefits and costs prior to their budget process. It is always beneficial to look at cities that are high performers, whether they are adjacent to us or in other parts of the country. A key to maintaining high morale and performance among our public safety personnel is to have consistent personnel policies that are applied uniformly and provide for ongoing feedback to our public safety employees. We tend to take these public servants for granted until we need them, but we should all recognize the invaluable service they provide to the citizens of Milton day-in and day-out."


"The City of Milton has a very positive compensation package for public safety personnel. Our professional staff regularly reviews salaries and benefit packages relative to other municipalities ensuring we remain competitive in order to draw the best and the brightest while also retaining strong talent and I believe we are competitive. In addition to salary and benefits, the City of Milton focuses on wellness programs intended to proactively keep our public safety personnel in good health so they are in the best condition possible. We just approved a grant submittal to equip our fire stations with physical health equipment providing the ability to regularly exercise ensuring positive health to match the rigors of their job. We also approved a cost of living adjustment for the next fiscal year for public safety officers. The ability to retain and attract fabulous fire and police personnel is a combination of compensation, benefits, cost of living adjustments, a positive career path, a culture of trust, support and recognition, the implementation of best practices, and sound management with a commitment to open communication. We are ensuring an environment that welcomes input and encourages a healthy, open work environment."


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