Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Milton Peoples Forum...Online: Question 2 / District 6.

Courtesy & The Milton Herald

As referenced this past week on, the Milton Herald and are continuing the Milton Peoples Forum online. The focus
is to ask questions that time did not allow us to address at this past week's event.

In order to insure equal visibility for both districts, District 2 candidates answers will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings while District 6 candidates answers will be listed on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Candidates are limited to a maximum of 200 words per answer and are listed alphabetically.

Our second question is:

Many of Milton's roads are very narrow and many have no shoulder whatsoever. In addition, Milton is a popular area for cyclists. Until Milton’s trail plan has been implemented, what can be done to make the roads safer for all travelers?


"This is a matter of revenue. Adding bike travel lanes to our existing roads can cost up to $200k per mile. With 190 miles of paved road (and 13 miles of gravel roads) for which Milton is responsible, our costs can rise into the tens of millions for this alone. Our current budget is only 18 million. This means we would have to allocate nearly our entire budget in back to back years to widening our roads alone. Simply put, we need more money. My campaign is focused on bridging the gap between what we need and we can pay for by diversifying our tax base and increasing revenues.

Right now we are funding our pavement plan at the suggested minimum-it's all we can afford to do. This means we cannot make progress on making our roads safer. This is unacceptable. We must generate more revenue immediately."


"I agree that more needs to be done to make our roads safer for bikers. Safety can be enhanced by doing the following:

• Continuing to fund intersection improvements already in progress at Bethany Bend and Cogburn; Cogburn/Hopewell/Francis; Arnold Mill and New Providence; Birmingham and New Providence; and Hopewell and Birmingham Rd. In addition, I am in favor of quickly initiating a traffic improvement plan for Crabapple.

• Increasing the number of police officers on each shift so that speeding and other traffic laws can be better enforced. This will be done in FY '12 with the addition of four new officers.

• Reviewing road safety signage and enhancing our education of drivers who must share the road with bikers

• Ensuring our trail plan is funded to provide alternatives to road biking as quickly as possible. Our five-year capital improvement plan includes funding at $1,000,000 per year beginning next year.

In addition, I commit to exploring the use of capital improvement funds for pavement management ($2,000,000 this FY and $2,200,000 in subsequent years), as well as aggressively pursuing grant opportunities, to add bike lanes along our most commonly used routes."


Anonymous said...

Alan Tart, now you most definitely have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Require bikers to have tags. They break the rules of the road, but there is no way to identify them when thy run stop signs, ride two or three abreast or cut in front to turn across traffic, Share thr road, share the costs!

Anonymous said...

More revenue... more revenue... Dunz, Large, and Obama are making me crazy! We are in a recession, dummy!

Make no mistake, when they say, "revenue," it means, "we don't care how many properties sit empty, we are going to build more!"

Anonymous said...

You're on notice, council candidates: I am voting against whoever robocalls me and I'm putting up signs for your opponent.

Anonymous said...

9:06....careful, you don't want to vote with any facts in hand!

Anonymous said...

1:08 way to go, your arrogance is showing. I vote my priorities, you vote yours.