Monday, October 17, 2011

Stonecreek Church Offers Their Home For 2011 Forum.

By Tim Enloe;

In 2009, David and Julie Shannon were kind enough to offer their home up for the first "Milton Peoples Forum." Thanks to them, the inaugural event was a great success
at "Shannondale Farms" Equestrian Center.

For 2011, forum volunteers agreed that we must show another side of Milton when it
came to this year's forum location. Needless to say, Stonecreek Church was more than willing. They have been a complete joy to work with for all forum members involved.

In their own words from Senior Pastor Steven Gibbs, "We invite you to experience our Sunday Worship Gathering for yourself and discover why so many have made Stonecreek their church.

Stonecreek was created for those who are not here yet, and we give great attention to make sure your visit is meaningful. Our desire is that our Sunday Worship Gatherings inspire you toward your next step in your spiritual journey.

I invite you, your friends and neighbors to join us for one of our two identical Sunday gatherings, 9:30 or 11 a.m."

Open arms are obviously a big focus from this fine group of people; be it from a religious experience or simply wanting to help out a Milton neighbor.

So if you are looking for a place to be a part of or just want to get to know the Stonecreek Church congregation better, then reach out to them. They are truly an asset to the Milton community.

To find out more about Stonecreek Church online, go to .

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