Friday, November 05, 2010

Woman Hit In Front Of New Milton High School.


MILTON - A woman was hit by a car in front of the new Milton High School on Friday evening. Witnesses state she was carried to an ambulance via a stretcher and was severly bloodied. In addition, the car that was involved suffered a smashed windshield.

In 2003, both Fulton Fire and Police officers stated prior to the high school moving to Freemanville Road in 2005 that people's lives would be put at great risks due to the winding country roads and numerous blind areas at the then proposed location. The Board of Education refused to consider their points.

Many thanks to the wonderful Milton Fire and Police departments for coming to those in need.

Please keep this victim in your thoughts and prayers.

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sandra said...

My sister was the "woman" who was hit by the car in front of new Milton High School. She suffered head injuries, broken nose, fractured left cheek,dislocated eye socket, concussion, 13 stitches to the area just below the left eye. Also, she has a extremely large bruise on her lung. She has a deep gash on her left elbow. Her left knee has no skin left on it. Her right knee was dislocated and the bone which come up the back of the leg had to be repaired, with rods, because the bone was protuding out of the back of the leg. She has a strong family support, which have come from Maryland, North Carolina, etc. to support her, her husband and two children. Unfortunately, her minor daughter was with her and witnessed the accident. Her daughter is traumatized. Her family is new to the area, recently relocating from North Carolina. She is talking and praising God for the victory, in saving her life. Unfortunately, her minor daughter had to ask strangers for a ride home, because her mother had the keys to the other car so her husband could come to the scene. We do not know the gentleman's name but we know he is one of God's angles, and we thank him for protecting and transporting her safely. We will keep you posted on her recovery. Respectfully her sisters, Sandra and Krista.

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