Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First "Road To Safety" Video Up!

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MILTON - As many of you are aware,,, and the Fulton County Board of Education kicked off the first "Road To Safety" Program this past October. The competition allowed teens to put together a two minute video advocating safe driving.

What will eventually be an annual event including all North Fulton High Schools next year, we were honored to receive four fantastic videos; two submitted by Alpharetta students and two by Milton students.

The first video received above focused on a character titled "Safety Sam" and encouraged young and old the importance of safe driving.

Over the next few days, we will be posting the other videos. The winner's video will not be posted until after the official unveiling at Alpharetta City Hall December 6th.

Many thanks to everyone who participated!


Anonymous said...

That was great! Can't wait to see the others. Great program. Kudo's to all involved!

Anonymous said...

Funny video. it should be titled click it or die!
Good one saftey sam.