Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Come out and celebrate the holidays.


There's a lot of talk with time of year about holiday traditions, and I have to say that's one of the most rewarding things about being part of the City of Milton: the traditions we've been able to start.

As you may well know, on Saturday, Dec. 4, the City of Milton will hold its third Christmas in Crabapple and its second Tree Lighting. These events, planned for 2 to 5 p.m. in historic downtown Crabapple and 7 to 9 p.m. at the corner of Webb Road and Ga. 9, respectively, are growing in popularity each year.

It’s a real joy to have residents approach me and bring up how excited they are about Christmas in Crabapple and the Tree Lighting, how much they look forward to attending them. Because while these events are technically not the most vital aspect of running a city, they do an immeasurable amount of community building – and that’s what most folks, myself included, cherish. It’s the fun part that comes from community involvement.

It means a lot to me, and to everyone on City Council and in City Hall, that Milton residents and their families can take part in a holiday festivity brought to them by their city. The health of a community depends on its citizens being able to gather and celebrate in fun and meaningful ways.

Just yesterday my family and I were putting up our Christmas tree and decorating the house. As I bent down to water the tree, the smell of pine needles brought back a rush of holiday memories. A few of the most recent ones included City of Milton events.

My hope is that I’m not the only one for whom the smell of a Christmas tree evokes images of Crabapple on a brisk winter afternoon or lighting a tree under the stars on Ga. 9. And the more memories we create, the stronger those early ones become – until we’ve created a tradition that’s inseparable from the holiday season itself.

So from everyone at Milton City Hall, Happy Holidays. Here’s hoping yours will be merry and bright.

Mayor Joe Lockwood


Anonymous said...

Did you get your tree from Hunter's?

Anonymous said...

Hope there's a new Santa in town.

Anonymous said...

miguiNo but his nasty little wife is right there with him "working" the lot, trying to upcharge folks for accesories, stands and wreaths.