Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Milton council considers renaming Hwy. 9.

By Joan Durbin / Neighbor Newspapers

With design recommendations in hand for the portion of Ga. Hwy. 9 that runs through Milton’s eastern edge, city council members may consider renaming the roadway.

“I certainly think the area needs a distinction other than ‘Highway 9 Corridor,’” said Councilman Burt Hewitt.

“This has been mentioned before, and I purposefully brought it up at a meeting. ‘Highway 9 Corridor’ or ‘Cumming Highway’ do not fit that area.”

The proposed design guidelines for development on Hwy 9, presented by a citizen committee at a council workshop, call for a “pleasing aesthetic, unifying themes in keeping with Milton’s equestrian atmosphere and rural town vision.”

Among the recommendations are placing buildings near the street with parking to the side and rear. Interparcel access would be required to minimize traffic and encourage pedestrians in the area.

For developments over 75,000 square feet, developers should provide and furnish amenity areas such as pocket parks, plazas, public art and walking and recreational trails.

No vote on the proposed guidelines has yet been taken, but with the prospect of a unified design came the idea of a new identity for the highway.

“I asked for our staff to research what it would take to rename that stretch of road to something, but I’m not sure what the best name would be. I like Milton Parkway, but that’s already taken in Alpharetta,” Hewitt said.

“In jest, I began calling it New Milton Parkway. I am not sure the process, or the likelihood of a name change to Hwy 9, but I sure would like to explore it and see if it’s feasible and go from there.”

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Anonymous said...

The people cannot even get Bethany Rd, Bend, Way straight. I think it sounds like a great idea. The road be it Roswell Rd., Highway 9, Alpharetta Highway, Cumming Highway, Atlanta Street, Dawsonville Highway has always been used to give the direction going from one town into the other. The only one that I see that would be appropriate would be Milton Highway. I really don't know why you cannot use that. You have Milton Avenue in Alpharetta and Old Milton Parkway. Milton Highway is a different name.