Thursday, November 01, 2007

Letter To The Editor.

Another One Bites The Dust.

...justly titled if applied to Milton City Councilman Neal O'Brien's e-election campaign.

Folks, let's take a minute to digest what has happened today to Mr. O'Brien's campaign...

Yet another person has apparently gotten upset over Mr. O'Brien's use of their good name, this apparently isn't the first occurrence, and more than likely not the last before next week’s elections...

Knowing Travis Allen, I find him to be a fairly upstanding citizen who is concerned about our community.

Having said that, I’m not convinced that his response to Mr. O’Brien’s using his good name was conniving, underhanded, or inappropriate at all, as Mr. O’Brien has suggested.

Is it that farfetched that the 2 of them would have spoken about shared interests such as Historic Preservation and College Football?

Perhaps Mr. Allen just found it convenient that a city council member had expressed interest in Historic Preservation, something that Mr. Allen has stated that he is an advocate of….perhaps Mr. O’Brien misread this as support…who are we to know?

But the point is that Mr. O’Brien has lost yet more of his perceived support; people may make mistakes once, but are a little more cautious the second time around. Just ask any of Mr. O’Brien’s main supporters from last year’s election.

Mr. O’Brien has suggested that Mr. Allen was only mining him for information…NEWSFLASH!!! You don’t need to dig for gold when it’s laying on top of the ground…any information about Mr. O'Brien is easy to come by, one just needs to look.

Mr. O’Brien is a shady individual who will let nothing stand in the way of his badmouthing someone….just look at how Tim Enloe was treated during last year’s run-off campaign…Mr. O’Brien can feign ignorance all he wants, but everyone knows who was behind the character assassinating website.

Also, does Mr. O’Brien think for one minute that any of us believe that his citing the support of Mr. Allen was all just a ruse?...that he was just trying to provoke Mr. Allen into revealing that he wasn’t a supporter…please…don't insult our intelligence...

Neal, you may be licensed to carry nuclear weapons, but someone else deciding not to support you wasn’t quite a bombshell.

Everyone just needs to take a look at how Mr. O’Brien responded to get a good sense of what we would have if this man were to be re-elected…

Although a Historic Preservation Ordinance would certainly benefit the community, Mr. O’Brien has all but threatened to not back such an ordinance just because of his dislike of one individual?

And this coming from someone who appointed developers to city committees…can someone please try to justify his remarks and actions…I certainly can’t!

Neal O’Brien has done so little but taken so much credit that I fear even he is beginning to believe his own lies...

Where is the Parks Authority that Neal created?

Where was Neal at the Tax Information Session?

Where is the Tax Moratorium that Neal promised?

Does Neal even know where Milton is?

To paraphrase Neal’s response to Mrs. Chambers regarding Mr. Allen’s non support:

Good one Neal, you really had us going. If these kind of tactics work, I hope at least some good comes of it.

-M. Eagle


Anonymous said...

"The victims of ignorance are unaware"

At the risk of getting blasted by the bloggers who constantly bash candidates.

Is there some specific plan [I am unaware of]to preserve Milton.

I read a great deal about no sewer and controlled growth but I don't hear or read any specifics.

Anonymous said...

He is starting to sound like Julie. taking all of the credit for the work of a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

Walk a mile in her shoes. Then... if you can still walk or even stand up... you can criticize.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I thought I was asking a question ?

Anonymous said...

If you get an answer, it'll be in government speak and about as clear as mud.

Remember the late Richard J. Dailey, Chicago Mayor who had a strong democratic machine and ruled with an iron fist.

Jan Jones is trying this model for Milton, however, it's under the republican banner.

Anonymous said...

"Another one bites the Dust"

The story of land onwers in Milton getting out before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Looks as though "THE SHERIFF" is not going to be happy with RJ Gumshoe, More-Rig (THE TRENCHER) and BOO BOO Santi.

Sometime back, someone posted Jan would get the last laugh. Is she laughing this morning?

Vermin and Combover Boy had better be careful or they will be gone after next election.

Anonymous said...

It would appear some have placed all their eggs in the wrong basket!