Saturday, November 17, 2007

Coming In 2008... is currently sharpening it's pencil with many new ideas for the wonderful folks of Milton. It is our goal to make this site the "go to" for all things Milton, GA even more so that in 2007. We plan on focusing on everything from making sure you meet your New Years Resolutions to creating a Milton Photography club! In the picture above, we see Ginger Enloe checking out one of the best kept secrets of our city; what long time locals call
"Crabapple Falls." Do you have a picture that you would like to share? Interested in becoming part of the Photography club? Then email us direct at today!


Miltonville said...

Wow, where is this???
A waterfall in Milton?
C'mon tell us, Ginger!

-Patti Silva

Anonymous said...

Agreed, out with it!

Anonymous said...

I love the pretty pictures, but somebody better start worrying about the tax base in our fair city.

We are headed for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Don't you fret, Hwy 9 will have enough big box, tire, fast food and all the other undesirbles - to take care of the tax base. Then, when that is not enough, that ugly scene will move into your neighborhood too. Like the Pure Tacqueria owners who will sell so much alcohol at their new psuedo-Italian retaurant at the corner of Providence and Freemanville to make up for the rest. What a lovely addition to our beautiful residential neighborhood. A BAR !@$$! Hopefully, our City will NOT grant them a liquor license. Take a look at Pure in Alpharetta on the weekend nights. That's what they'll have in their backyard. Noise, too many cars and drunk drivers. There is the tax base. That is trouble with a capital "T".

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I agree "spot" zoning is not so good, but that what is going to happen when business can not do business where they should.

There is a 100% mark up in Alcohol sales in a restaurant, and the Birmingham plan won't allow liquor by the drink on the four corners [or liquor sales in the wine store] so restaurants are going to go elsewhere.

The Birmingham area is a perfect example of what is happening to our city.

The idiotic Birmingham overlay /master plan restricts so much on the four corners [where normal business SHOULD locate], they have to find other areas to go [like Providence and Freemanville]

I do not believe the Birmingham planned/project will ever be finished [built out] because it calls for housing on the SE corner, and no one in their right mind is going to build houses next to a sub station.

So once again, a poorly planned overlay [designed to restrict business] did so, and they will go else where, while the potential tax base on the four corners sit mostly empty and or unbuilt.


Now I read where they mayor wants to located a city center on "properly zoned land".

Great! Take some more commercially zoned land out of the tax base for city hall etc.

The trouble [with a "T"]
is there is no balance between business and preservation. The pendulum has swung too far "no development".

The preservationist are going to "preserve" this city into backruptcy, then they are going to get thrown out of office when the taxes go sky high.

Then the pendulum is going to swing too far the other way and ALL will eventually loose.

It is evident to me [with the voter turnout], that the majority of people don't care, but wait til the tax bills increase and hit their pocketbooks, then you see them get out and vote.

The newly elected Majority has a great opportunity to be sensible about growth, and planning, but I fear they will strangle it like they have in the past.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to all for spoiling a lovely photograph and well intentioned Photographic Club idea with your relentless back and forth bickering.


Anonymous said...

"Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism." Carl Jung

Anonymous said...

The waterfall is off of Freemanville Road. There is a new development going in called Lake Haven which is surrounding it.
We should get together one day and hike down to it. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a photography blog......Pah-leeeze!

Start your own forum if you want to talk and generate conversation about the City! Attend some City Council workshops, City Council meetings, Planning meetings and DRC meetings, more people need to attend those. That would be more way more productive and questions could be directed to our Leaders directly, then discussion on this Website.

Ever hear of R&R? Did't we get enough at election time, how about a break!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but sometimes,

"The world just does not fit conveniently into the format of a 35mm camera." ~W. Eugene Smith

Anonymous said...

Stop embellishing things...nobody calls that Crabapple's not now, and never has been in Crabapple...this location is in what was once Freemansville and nearer still to Field's Crossroads..

-Travis Allen