Friday, November 16, 2007

Milton In Swaziland!

Patti Silva, one of the lucky winners of an Access Milton cap, brought a bit of Milton to her new friends at New Hope Children's Home in Swaziland. Fellow Miltonians also on the mission trip with Heart For Africa were: Elaine Daniels, Blake Moore, Lesley Hill, Debbie Stewart and Patrick Ross who made many friends in the community by building gardens, repairing homes, performing eye exams, sewing curtains, and much more. For more information about Heart For Africa, please visit:

Sawabona and Shalom!

Many thanks to our very own "Miss Milton"-Patti Silva!

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Anonymous said...

Great photo Patti - thanks for sharing. And a great cause too - delighted that you enjoyed yourself and had a rewarding experience in my part of the world.

I'm sure you now have a clearer understanding of why we Africans so passionately remark that Africa is firmly entrenched in our blood and will always be there...wherever we are, whatever path we choose.

Take care