Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Press Release / Tuesday / November 6 2007

11th Hour Negative Campaigning By My Opponent

Dear Milton Residents:

My opponent continues his efforts to discredit me with false and negative campaigning, right up to the end. The latest attack comes today, when there is little time to respond. I apologize for this additional email, as I know that you are all receiving many. However, I must respond.The latest attack was sent by a Mr. David Ruckers, who claims to be a citizen of Milton. There are no Ruckers' listed as residents of Milton. Numerous emails to him requesting information have gone unanswered.Below contains a point-by-point correction of my opponent's distortions.

Do not let the antics of a politically motivated, developer funded opponent twist the truth in order to over develop our community. Milton deserves a positive community with positive leadership. Vote Julie on Nov. 6th. Council Members' Stipend: I never asked to increase the Council members' stipend. In the first budget review I clarified that the stipend should not be additional salary, but instead MUST be for expense reimbursement only. Medical Insurance for Council Members: I did not ask that council be provided insurance, but instead asked our finance department to clarify what was or was not included in the line item.

Late 1990 Parks Acquisition: I questioned the lands selected in the late 1990s for park land because they contained large electric transmission lines and could have compromised the safety and health of our children. There was also the potential for the use of eminent domain for the acquisition of the land.I support parkland and I support appropriate and healthy lands for our parkland. I support due process for all issues facing our community including the taking of citizens' land. As an example, I was directly responsible for getting a developer to donate land to the community before the incorporation of Milton. That land will become a pocket park of Milton.

Governor Perdue Letter: In May 2007 I wrote a letter asking the Governor not to approve changes to the charter since the Mayor and Council had not been involved in the charter changes at all. The concerns outlined in my letter were focused on the removal of authority of our Mayor, not removal of a Parks Authority as claimed.

Private Recreation and Sports Facilities: I haven't spoken against private recreation. To the contrary, I have spoken often about the importance of green space, trail systems, more parkland, the need for a national standard for our parkland and the protection of our night sky and upholding our comprehensive land use plan.

Garden Plots vs. Recreation Fields in Birmingham Park Plan: The idea that I spoke against recreation fields in favor of garden plots in Birmingham Park is ridiculous. The Birmingham Master planning initiative created three different scenarios for the 200+ acre park. All three of these park plans have active recreation as well as passive recreation. At least 40% of the parkland is not suitable for anything other than passive recreation due to wetlands, streams, transmission lines on the land and steep slopes. Tom Price: I never said Tom Price endorses me. Representative Price provided the following quote and gave me permission to utilize his words about my commitment to the community. __________________________________________________Here is the official email from Congressman Tom Price's office: 9/25/06__________________________________________________Attached you will find the quote from Congressman Price that you are free to use in whatever form you deem fit. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.Jeff"Julie Bailey has proven herself to be a strong advocate for property rights. She is a tireless worker and willing to take a stand on issues that she believes represent the best interests of our community."Tom Price, M.D.Member of CongressJeff C. HamlingDistrict DirectorCongressman Tom Price, MD (GA-6) _____________________________________________ About the Bailey's Taxes: These folks cannot even get the figures or any of the facts straight. I already responded to a similar false statement in Santi's latest negative ads. To again set the record straight: In 2003 we applied for and met the eligibility for a long standing, state sponsored tax incentive called Conservation Use Valuation Assessment (CUVA). It is available to citizens who own at least 10 acres, as a mechanism for conservation of our agricultural and farmlands, timber land and wildlife habitats. In fact, enrollment in the program includes 447 properties in Fulton County and 139 properties in Milton. Without this tax incentive many farmers and other qualified landowners would not be able to afford to own large parcels for active farms or wildlife habitats. These preserved lands would simply be replaced by intense development.

Tax Lien: Unemployment taxes for Bailey Farm & Gardens, in the amount of $855, were overlooked when reporting. This has long been resolved by our CPA, PAID and fully satisfied.

Family Business vs. Competing Businesses: Council member D'Aversa and I voted against a special use permit because the application did not meet the buffer requirements nor the development standards. I believe in consistent application of the laws, comprehensive land-use plan and policies for everyone. To suggest that I voted against this because it would've competed with my family's business is outrageous. Buffer and development standards are in place for a reason and should be upheld.

Excessive Legal Fees: Legal fees have been higher than they should have been due to a variety of reasons including annexations, frivolous ethics complaints, other council members spending too much time personally on the phone with the City Attorney, etc. Legal fees do need to be monitored and they are not high because of me, quite the contrary. I have been a strong supporter of managing tax payer dollars including the fees tied to the City Attorney. I do not believe legal fees should go unchecked and believe in checks and balances including making sure the City Attorney's office is not being misused by individual council members for their personal time or agendas.

City Charter: Milton's charter states that Mayor and Council cannot intervene in the day-to-day operations of city employees. The Mayor and all Council were reminded of this charter provision given the negative political environment in which we have had to operate. I have not been singled out for violations of the charter.

Sign Ordinance: The statement that I've been the biggest violator of the Milton Sign Ordinance has absolutely no basis in truth.Following Laws: There is no law we do not follow. This is absurd.

VOTE for Julie Zahner Bailey - A Positive and Proven Leader for a Positive Milton!
Visit her website for the footage from the League of Women Voter's and for the long history of tireless work she has done on behalf of the entire Milton community. Julie's record speaks for itself.
Paid for by Friends of Julie Zahner Bailey.


Anonymous said...

I received that e-mail from David Ruckers and found it appalling! Does he even exist? After reading Julie's response I see how the truth was distorted. It's obvious that Santi had a hand in this and possibly some of the fab 4. Don't forget Gordon Hunter, whom I thought an honorable man, is supporting Santi. He's fallen from grace along with SOS Handel, Jan Jones, Tom Price and John Linder. Why would these elected officials back someone as dastardly as Roger Santi? They've all lost my respect and votes. I am an extremely disappointed Republican, embarrassing as that is to admit today.

Anonymous said...

Can not vote in Linder's district.. but can and will against Handel, Jan Jones, Tom Price, Ry-Lee, (the ethical one), and Gordon Hunter, when and if he runs for office.

Anonymous said...

I don't really support either one of these folks...I just wanna know where I can sign up for Assclown School so I can be just like that Assclown that had a plane fly over the Roundup...

Anonymous said...

That school has been closed as a result of the Election held on 11-06-2007.

It is rumored the Head Master may relocate to a different Council district and if so, he will reopen school in 2009. If he does not relocate it will reopen in 2011.