Monday, November 05, 2007

A Letter from Paul Moore.



The attached letter was forwarded to me over the weekend and I found it shocking. Without weighing in on the merits of the school as I do not have the benefit of any of those details (nor should I prior to the presentation to the Planning Commission), I would like to weigh in on what is one of the finest examples of why it is time for change in this election in Districts 4 and 6 and time for change again when the City Council seats come up for Districts 1 and 3.

The letter confirmed that the elite backroom politics that so many of us know goes on are real. It confirms that the group of Neal O'Brien, Rick Mohrig, Karen Thurmond, Bill Lusk and now add Roger Santi to the list are attempting to run the city as their own without allowing the process of checks and balances that the Design Review Board, Planning Commission and City Council meetings provide. There is absolutely no legitimate reason for any City Council member to have offered a position on this plan at this point in time. ..and yet the letter states "To date we have received favorable support from Neal O'Brien, Rick Mohrig, Bill Lusk, Karen Thurmond and a current candidate, Roger Santi." The letter goes on to say "The present political climate has the votes to get the building site approved." This could not be more inappropriate. It tells me that the "team" of Neal O'Brien, Rick Mohrig, Karen Thurmond, Bill Lusk and Roger Santi think they are above the rules set forth for the City and Community. It says they are willing to have side meetings and make commitments outside of public hearings. It says they have chosen to act in contrast to the code of ethics as advised to all of us and as we were trained by Mark Scott and a 3rd party consultant on how to conduct City business in an ethical manner. They are voting before the process of public hearings and your input has been heard.

It means it is time for change when you go to the polls tomorrow. Please send Neal O'Brien, Rick Mohrig and Roger Santi a message.....WE WILL NOT TOLERATE YOUR BACKROOM POLITICS. Vote for change by electing Burt Hewitt and Alan Tart. Please re-elect Julie Zahner Bailey who is above these antics and who works within the guidelines of how to conduct ethical business for the City.

Please elect Julie Zahner Bailey, Burt Hewitt and Alan Tart tomorrow....November 6th.

Paul Moore


Anonymous said...

He should know about"back room dealings" He's been in quite a few with Julie.

Anonymous said...

What backdoor dealings might that be? When you type your answer please make sure that your nose doesn't get in the way of the keyboard, Pinnochio!

Anonymous said...

" I have lived here all of my life, and I have had a business on the corner for over 20 years [SE Birmingham HWY and Birmingham Rd] My family has lived in North Fulton County for generations."

"I am in my office in Birmingham every day for 8-10 hours a day."

"You people have the nerve to plan the use of my property without ever bothering to even speak to me or the common decency to ask me any questions."

"I DON'T even know who you people are!"

Sunny Dinsmore to Julie Bailey, Paul Moore et al
concerning Birmingham Master Plan/overlay.

Anonymous said...

Do you work at the power substation? What else is on the Southeast Corner?

Anonymous said...

Wrong again-Howard

Anonymous said...

Not that it matters now, but why is Roger Santi looking at anything?

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Monday and I was appalled. Either the schools board had received bad or no legal advise about a 501(c)(3) endorsing candidates for political office. This action put that status in jeopardy and it compromises the tax deductibility of all donations made to them.

Anonymous said...

How do you get a copy of this letter?

Can Access Milton print it?

Looks like there was an attachment to Mr. Moore's post, but couldn't open it.

Anonymous said...

This is not an attempt to answer your question about attachment. However, out of curiosity I found the Certificate of Incorporation, dated May 9, 2007 for AMCA, Inc under control # 07039619 on Ga Secretary of State web site. Of course there's no letter on this site, only incorporation documents.