Monday, November 26, 2007

Homeless Poodle & Pit Bull Find True Love.

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By SANDRA ECKSTEIN The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 11/23/07

Like Romeo and Juliet, theirs is a doomed love.
One glance tells you he's from the posh side of life. He's well-bred, well-groomed. She, on the other hand, is from the rough side of the tracks, with an iffy background and an uncertain future.

But from the minute he laid eyes on her, Vincent didn't care about their differences. He was in love and that was that. Sure, some might call it "puppy love." They are, after all, dogs. But Vincent doesn't seem to care that he's a well-coiffed, 12-pound poodle and his love, the object of his adoration, is a 40-pound pit bull mix.

"I brought him home from the shelter, and he just honed in on her and hasn't left her side since," said Stacey Hall, who works for Southern Hope Humane Society, the group that runs Fulton County's animal shelter. "He follows her everywhere. He fights the other dogs to keep them away from her. Because she sleeps on the floor, he does too. He's not happy unless he's near her."

Vincent showed up at the shelter several weeks ago, a well-fed stray with a good haircut. Shelter workers assumed someone would come looking for the 3-year-old poodle. But when no one did, Hall decided to foster him. She'd been fostering Angel for several months, ever since she'd come into the shelter in such bad shape she ended up the poster dog for the shelter's "Don't Get a Dog" campaign aimed at stopping the neglect of animals.

Despite her starvation and broken bones, probably from being kicked, the vet said, Hall describes Angel as a sweet, loving dog who likes all people and animals.
Maybe that's what Vincent sees in her, why he wants to protect her.

"He walks around with a big silly grin on his face like, 'Yep, that's my girlfriend,' " Hall said. "He has it whenever he's with her."

But like Shakespeare's ill-fated lovers, Vincent and Angel are not to be.
"People who want a pit bull don't want a poodle, and people who want a poodle sure don't want a pit bull," Hall said. "It's going to break his heart, but I don't see how we could ever place them together."

Until then, Vincent, it seems, has found his true love. The poodle and the pit bull.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful pair! I believe that you can find a home together for this pair. I myself previously had 2 toy poodles and PitbullX, named Zoey. Unfortunately I had to put Zoey down last year (health related) at the age of 10. I would hightly recomend the pair you have fostered to anyone!

Can you please post an update? Have these two found their forever homes?