Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Quick Note From District 6 Council Elect Alan Tart

Hi, everyone:

Please consider making a donation to purchase a bullet proof vest for the City of Milton’s K-9 Officer DaSilva (see details below). Any extra money raised will be donated to a charity that provides bullet proof vests for dogs working in Iraq. Thanks to Janie Whitener for leading this worthwhile effort!

Alan Tart
President, Avensong Community Association, Inc.
Be sure to check out our website at!

Send Donations To:

DaSilva Vest Fund c/o Janie Whitener
170 Aven Ct., Alpharetta, GA 30004


Anonymous said...

How much does a vest cost for these canine's?

Lisa C.

Casa De Silva said...

DaSilva is a great name!

-Kevin Silva

Anonymous said...

around $900, I think

Anonymous said...

Yes DaSilva is a good name ;)

Anonymous said...

so is the name Silva or Da Silva?
The Herald reported it differently.
When will he make his appearance at city hall so the public can meet him?

Anonymous said...

Is this dog related to Patty "Silva"?