Sunday, November 04, 2007

Press Release / Sunday / November 4, 2007

Good afternoon, this is Burt Hewitt, candidate for Milton City Council and I want a few moments to ask for your vote Tuesday.
I am ready to work hard for our community. When you vote on Tuesday, you will be voting on who will we become as a city. Parts of our community are struggling with crime, other parts with infringement, and we all are coping with unchecked and irresponsible development a legacy left by Fulton County.
As a community, we must decide if we want Milton to be the community that attracted and kept us or if we want it to be a cash cow for developers. We should be one Milton. I will work to create a downtown district that diverts traffic from our streets and will build a tax base from businesses to help support Milton. I will work to lower your overall tax burden. I will work with my fellow council members and I will work for you. When you go to vote, know that you are voting on our future.
Please vote for me Burt Hewitt this Tuesday November 6. If you would like to hear my position on the issues or have me call you, please call 770-772-5310.


Burt Hewitt
Candidate for Milton City Council District 4

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