Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grateful Milton Farmers To Give Trees to Military Families

Gordon & Brooke Hunter

By RALPH ELLIS The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 11/22/07

Gordon Hunter, owner of a Christmas tree farm in north Fulton County, is donating trees to families on Georgia military bases as an act of patriotic appreciation.

"These are families that are giving up a lot," said Hunter, who flew Navy fighters during the Vietnam War. "This is a way for people to open up and say thank you."

Hunter and other tree farmers in Georgia sent about 275 trees to military families last year through the Trees for Troops program.Many growers have a personal connection to the military.

For instance, Esther and Earl Worthington, owners of a tree farm in Lovejoy, suffered a personal loss when their grandson, 19-year-old Robert Adrian Worthington of Jackson, was killed May 22 in a bomb blast in Iraq."We're particularly interested this year," Esther Worthington said.

Trees for Troops started in 2005 and is run by the Christmas Spirit Foundation, the charitable branch of the National Christmas Tree Association. Nationally, Trees for Troops shipped 4,300 trees to five bases in 2005 and about 12,000 trees to 25 bases last year.

This year, customers can participate. Tree shoppers who visit Hunter and Worthington farms can buy trees that Fed Ex will ship for free to military bases. Buyers can write a personal message on stationery to be attached to the tree. Previously, only growers and dealers donated trees.

Atlanta locations of Big John's Christmas Trees are selling trees for military families.
Big John's let customers buy trees for the troops last year and shipped about 325 trees to military bases, said Big John's employee Bobbi Crisp. "This year we're hoping for a lot more," Crisp said.

Other Georgia tree farmers will donate trees and drop them off for pickup at the Hunter and Worthington farms as well as a farm in Tifton. Fed Ex will ship the trees for free to the bases.
Hunter will sell 6- to 7-foot trees for $35 to $50. Worthington said prices will range from $25 to $150. Big John's will sell trees for $25 each, Crisp said.

Most of the donated Georgia trees will go to Georgia bases, said Greg Smith, a Nicholson tree farmer who runs the Trees for Troops program for the Georgia Christmas Tree Association. He, too, has a personal interest in Trees for Troops."My dad was a veteran who passed away about three years ago, and I'm doing this in his honor," Smith said.

Troops in the Middle East war zones will receive trees shipped from Ohio and Indiana.
Customers are urged to purchase trees early. Big John's will sell trees for troops through Dec. 2. Trees will be shipped from the Worthington farm Dec. 4 and from the Hunter farm Dec. 10.


Anonymous said...

Will Roger be working at the Hunter's tree farm this year since he got that wonderfull endorsement?

Anonymous said...

Our family has purchased our Christmas tree from the Hunter's for many years but will not be this year since their very vocal endorsement of Roger Santi in the recent election. Sorry, but it gave me a very bad taste of their priorities which are the polar opposite of my family's. Scottsdale Farms - here we come!

Anonymous said...

You know...a good cause is a good cause, irregardless of what the person's political views are...

I own an artificial tree, so it doesn't matter much to me, but the election is over and we've proven that we will have to work together to build this city...

Take a step in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

Why do you people always have to be negative? It not only gets old, but makes me think that your "cause" is no better.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Mr. Santi's campaign was not about different political views; he claimed to support similar ideals as Ms. Bailey. What his campaign came down to was attacking the character and integrity of someone else. And, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter knowingly placed themselves right in the middle of this with their endorsement. They sat quietly enjoying their tax benefits on their land while allowing Mr. Santi to berate his opponent whose family uses the same benefits. Donating trees to military families is a fine gesture. However, I'm not sure it's enough to pull the Hunters out of the deep dark mud pit they placed themselves in with Mr. Santi. I too will look elsewhere for my Christmas trees.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Isn't Mr Hunter in violation of sign ordinance with his xmas tree signs on right of way at Hopewell and Redd Rds?

Anonymous said...

Can I change my vote? I think we were duped Milton....

The Zahner "cult of psycho women" only give Julie a bad name in Milton. Her future success in this city will definitely depend on whether she can dump the adicts.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. That is such a BIG.. club.. your carrying Fred. You should call Barney, compare clubs see which is bigger and use it to bash more women!

ps don't forget to put Dino out

Anonymous said...

"Change my vote" is a woman by the way. I just call it like I see it. No "clubs" here.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, Julie won fair and square. Get someone who else to run in her district if it bothers you so much. You call the women in Milton who voted for her "psycho"? You need a therapist for your anger management issues. You need to get over it and move on to something positive, Ma'am.

Anonymous said...

Case in point.