Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Support Our Milton Police Officers.

Courtesy CNN

Police Officers put their lives on the line each and every day. In seeing the heroism of this everyday citizen, it give me hope that others will start supporting the officers in their community.

Many thanks to the Milton Police Officers for all they do.


Anonymous said...

brown noser

Anonymous said...

They already do so all over our nation.

Anonymous said...

shouldnt it say many thanks to the milton police officers since all i do is criticize you

Anonymous said...

What is the matter with you people? I am referencing the previous three posts.

Anonymous said...

14 police officers in 3 states were killed in the last 24 hours across our great nation protecting YOU.

Show some respect for those who serve and those who support those who serve.

Anonymous said...

Is Timmy posting anonymously?

Anonymous said...

When the Milton cops stop being pathetic, that is when they will get my respect.

How often is it that I drive past parking lots where two officers are parked next to each other, doing nothing. The most exciting arrests that occur for Milton cops are the ones when they can use excessive force on teenagers.

Six cop cars, and nine officers are not neccesarry for a 17 year old in posession of .3 of a gram of marijuana. A 16 year old student at Milton High School doesn't require being tazed four times to be taken down, considering there are eight cops watching this happen.

You are trained to protect the public, to uphold laws, yet you can't even use your damn turn signals?

Get real, pathetic cops.
Keale especially... Sorry you got bullied in high school, but no one thinks you're hardcore just because you have a badge.

Grow up.