Saturday, January 01, 2011

Milton FD animal rescue hard at work.


Milton's Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Team (TLAER) has been hard at work recently, saving animals across Milton and neighboring Cherokee County.

On Nov. 25, TLAER members pulled a horse from a muddy Cherokee County ditch that had snared the animal's leg. Battalion Chief Bill Bourn said these situations can be especially dangerous for horses, as their legs can break or hooves can be pulled off while being lifted out of the mud due to the suction of the muck.

Eventually, however, firefighters were able to get the horse out and pull it to safety unharmed.

On Dec. 17, TLAER members helped an immobile Cherokee County horse stand on its own using a sling, rescue glide - a back board for large animals - tractor and donated wrecker. Bourn said older or sick horses that lie down often have trouble getting back up. Luckily, the animal was fine after being helped.

For more information on TLAER, click here.


Anonymous said...

This is the responsibility of government... how?

I assume that the owner of the animal receives a bill for this service.

Anonymous said...

So is rescuing you in distress not necessary anymore? Please let the police and fire know so you don't waste "government resources".

Anonymous said...

If it is an animal then it is not important to tax payers like 7:22 am poster.

Anonymous said...

9:30, 7:44, it is apparent that you want government to solve all of your problems. I believe in freedom and personal responsibility.

9:30, you are particularly illiterate. The article is about rescuing animals in distress. It is not about rescuing a person in distress. It would be equivalent to the city having a special crew to save 4-wheelers that are stuck in the mud. These people own the horses. They need to pay to have them saved.

Not. Taxpayers'. Responsibility.

If you have a horse that is so old that it can't stand up, that is your problem, not the taxpayers. If your pasture is in horrible condition and your cow falls into a pit of quicksand, that is your problem, not the taxpayers.

Do you think the same way about your other luxury items?
- Oh, look, my pool needs cleaning, better call the gubment.
- Oh, no, my BMW needs an oil change, better call the gubment.
- Look! My silver is tarnished, better call the gubment.

...and stop trying to equate it to fire or ambulance service. That is not the same thing at all. There is absolutely no reason for the city to be providing this service at taxpayer expense.

Anonymous said...

Post 5:18 AM, people such as you should move elsewhere. Let's hope when you or your family need help, the bill will be excessive in order to cover this incident.
Animals are not equivalent to four-wheelers.
You border on insanity!

Anonymous said...

I would try to deliberate your idea that a life is no more than a car or a swimming pool.I will not bother with such a comment as you obviously lack any morality or intelligence. Anyway I noted there is a cat in my garden 10:00 at night in the cold. It looked lost. It had gone when I got outside. Near Yates drive. please leave message if you have lost it.