Saturday, January 01, 2011

We've got big plans for 2011.


Let me begin by saying that 2010 was a banner year for the City of Milton. We were able to trim our budget while, through more effective partnerships, increasing services to citizens. We truly established Milton's Parks and Recreation Department, which will pay huge dividends in terms of quality of life throughout the history of the city. And we improved in nearly every area of service to our citizens, reaffirming our commitment to being the best, most well-run government possible.

But this is a look to 2011, and the point I want to make right off the bat is that we will not rest on these accomplishments. Instead we will continue this drive for excellence into the coming year and endeavor to meet our citizens' high expectations. Let me take you through a list of the highlights we see coming in 2011.

Summer camp, new programs and a new park.

Summer 2011 will see the first two Milton day camps – Camp Joyful Soles at Cogburn Woods Elementary and Camp Bethwell inside the renovated Bethwell Community House. This city-owned building will also be the staging area for new recreation activities and classes and available for citizens to rent throughout the year.

In addition, 2011 will see the execution of the city’s first intergovernmental agreements with Milton’s schools to run flag football and soccer programs on their unused field space, bringing an end to a number of parents paying out-of-city fees.

Milton’s Parks and Recreation Department will also oversee the construction and opening of two new parks: A one-acre plot at the corner of Deerfield Parkway and Webb Road and a two-acre space in Crabapple between Northwestern Middle and Crabapple Crossing Elementary schools. This is in addition to scheduled improvements to Bell Memorial Park and implementation of the first phase of Milton’s Trail Plan.

Future city sites.

In March 2011, Lew Oliver Inc. Home Town Solutions will hold a charette, or design meeting, that will revisit and revise the Crabapple Master Plan. The purpose of this work is to lay the ground work for a Milton City Center in the coming years.

In addition, the City of Milton is evaluating the options for purchasing property on Ga. 9. A portion of this land will potentially go to a road helping alleviate future traffic from the under-construction Bethany Bend High School. This property will also be the future site of a public safety complex to house the city’s police and fire headquarters.

Intersections and paving.

The design concepts for two intersection improvements – Hopewell/Francis/Cogburn roads and Mayfield at Mid-Broadwell to Broadwell roads – will be created in 2011. In addition, the two existing intersection projects – Birmingham Highway at Providence/New Providence roads and Arnold Mill Road at New Providence Road – will move through their final design stages toward construction in 2012.

The City of Milton Public Works Department will also oversee the paving of a little less than seven miles of roads, including major thoroughfares Thompson, Freemanville, New Bullpen, and Webb roads and residential streets like Thorntree Run, Drummond Pond Road, Kensington Farms Drive and Powers Court.

Public Safety improvements.

Milton’s police force will gain one additional officer in 2011, allowing an existing law enforcement professional to become a member of the federal High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force. This position will mean seized dollars for additional crime fighting measures.

Residents can also expect increased fire service. Because of a recent hiring strategy, in January 2011 Milton’s Engine Company 41 will become an Advanced Life Support unit, the second in the city providing both paramedic and fire assistance. In addition, the Fire Department will add an air and light trailer to its response vehicles, meaning additional resources for firefighters at the scene of a major incident.

2012-2015 Strategic Plan.

The culmination of more than three years of work, our 2012-2015 Strategic Plan began as a list of ideas and concepts born in yearly City Council retreats. Those ideas are now being turned into a guidebook for policy decisions that, when coupled with our Comprehensive Plan and yearly budget process, will give Milton staff a clear direction for our expected progress across every department.

These are just the major highlights. I could go on and on mentioning our Community Development Department creating tax incentives for equestrian and agricultural residents to protect our rural culture. Or our commitment to make 2011’s special events and charity programs more successful than ever before. Or our continued progress in reducing the City of Milton’s waste and energy use – but I think you’re getting the picture.

Every year Milton just keeps getting better, and 2011 will be no exception. Thank you for letting us be your local government, and don’t hesitate to bring your ideas to the table as we move forward through the year.

-Mayor Joe Lockwood


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, does Access Milton work for you?

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Give it a break, tim. How stupid do you think people are? Obviously this is the mayors letter to residents and you had nothing to do with it.

Tim Enloe said...

This letter was brought to our readers by See the bottom and you will realize that the letter is from the Mayor.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

6:47 is not the brightest bulb.

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree about the dim bulb among us but it is 6:55 I'm afraid. That particular bulb is called a low life.

Anonymous said...

Most likely 6:55 thinks the same of you 9:26.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words.

Anonymous said...

So many people in Milton simply love to post hatful comments. It is disgusting!

Anonymous said...

7:51, ya think this site breeds hate? No way.

Anonymous said...

What about the 200 acre park. Nice to see the city taking baby steps with a one acre park. Whatever!
Oh I get it, its there, it's open, feel free to enjoy it. No one even knows its there or where the entrance is. Well, until Earth day when no one shows up to participate.

Anonymous said...

There are only a few bad onions that use Tim's site to spew hatred, its the same few people who don't like Tim, so they spend all their pitiful time waiting for something to post so they can jump all over it and try and get him mad or anyone else in this community who gives of their service and time and energy to better the community.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's many more than "a few" nowadays since he copies photographs and stories without due credit. In fact, he writes just underneath the stolen items "by". Oh no, that is called stealing. Oh yes, the horse again. If he truly had a case, then he would sue the city of Milton for altering his own altercation of clip art.

Anonymous said...

Ole Jason is back up and running with his comments. Ho Hum.

Anonymous said...

As an new Milton Georgia citizen
and 1 yr resident I have visited since we arrived from Chicago. I have never met Tim Enloe but it seems to me the guy is passionate about the city. When thinking about that it would make no reason to Tim Enloe sue the city. The city is guilty from what my husband and I have read and if they dont want to give credit to him for the horse picture then the city has no cause in getting mad if he does the same.
FYI in Chicago this matter would have been taken care of long ago.

Anonymous said...

In Chicago it would have been handled for sure, but in a different manner.

I think we should go back to the good ole days where men were able to handle it like men out back by the shed. Winner takes all!