Sunday, January 02, 2011

Jan. 5 City Council meeting notice.


Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011 Regular Meeting Agenda 6:00 p.m.

INVOCATION - Reverand Patrick Abent, Inner Quest Church


2) PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE (Led by the Mayor)
3) APPROVAL OF MEETING AGENDA (Add or remove items from the agenda) (Agenda Item No. 11-001)

1. Approval of the December 20, 2010 Special Called Work Session. (Agenda Item No. 11-002) (Sudie Gordon, City Clerk)

2. Approval of the December 20, 2010 Regular Minutes. (Agenda Item No. 11-003) (Sudie Gordon, City Clerk)
3. Approval of a Task Order with Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. for Design of Intersection Improvements at Hopewell Road and Cogburn Road in the Amount of $ 95,005.00. (Agenda Item No. 11-004) (Carter Lucas, Public Works Director)

4. Approval of a Contract for Grading Services with Cook Construction Services, Inc. in the Amount of $1,980.00. (Agenda Item No. 11-005) (Carter Lucas, Public Works Director)

5. Approval of a Construction Services Agreement with Tomal Corporation (d/b/a Wildcat Striping and Sealing Co.) for Guardrail Replacement on the Cogburn Road Bridge in the Amount of $1,996.00. (Agenda Item No. 11-006) (Carter Lucas, Public Works Director)

6. Approval of a Contract with Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC to Audit the City's Financial Statements for the Fiscal Year Ending September, 2010. (Agenda Item No. 11-007) (Stacey Inglis, Finance Director)





10) UNFINISHED BUSINESS 1. Approval of an Ordinance to Adopt the Amended Local Emergency Operations Plan. (Agenda Item No. 10-1314) (First Presentation on December 20, 2010) (Matt Marietta, Fire Marshal)
2. Approval of an Ordinance to Adopt the Job Classification Listing for Current Approved Positions. (Agenda Item No. 10-1315) (First Presentation on December 20, 2010) (Sam Trager, Human Resources Director)


1. Approval of a Resolution Establishing the Five Ethics Principles for the Conduct of City Officials of the City of Milton, Georgia. (Agenda Item No. 11-008) (Chris Lagerbloom, City Manager)
2. Approval of a Resolution Amending Resolution No. 10-12-165 Appointing A Member To The Historic Preservation Commission For The City Of Milton By Appointing A Member For District 4. (Agenda Item No. 11-009) (Councilmember Burt Hewitt)




15) ADJOURNMENT (Agenda Item No. 11-010)


Anonymous said...

Hey City Council,
Can someone go over to Birmingham Falls Elementary and get to the bottom of why anyone connected to the former principal is shipped off to the other end of the county? Robin was made to disaappear over the holidays. When will someone finally look into the bookkeeper that was the root of Trussell's woes. Did she in fact file a lawsuit when Trussell scolded her for not doing her job and telling any information she knew to anyone who would listen? Has the school board come up with the spin doctor letter of why Robin is missing?

Anonymous said...

Maybe she wanted to leave?

Anonymous said...

Would like to know what the Five Ethics Principals for the Conduct of City Officials covers? After the Jan 5 meeting, please let us know on Access Milton.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

They are the following:

1. No talking just to hear yourself talk and rambling on "just for the record".

2. No raising your voice just because things dont go your way and always "bragging" that you "taled to Jan Jones or Katie Reeves" earlier.

3. No more "point of order, point of order" comments.

4. No eating candy while you are supposed to be presiding over the meeting.

And the most important item.....

5. Learn to say the damn pledge correctly and just say it like everyone else so you dont screw it up. It dosent matter how you did it in Texas and with the scouts!

Anonymous said...

That first comment is silly. You obviously don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Moving a problem around from one school to the next does not fix the problem. Just a whole new set up problems crop up at the new school. Being educators and in the business of learning, one would think they would know this. They don't teach common sense,nor possess it.

Anonymous said...

And the number one Ethics Principle for Milton City Council, is however easy it is, don't talk your ole disgruntled washed up buddy who lost his city council election into filing ethics charges.

Win or lose, hard to wash the ga clay off your hands, stained.

- David Letterman

Anonymous said...

No the number one principle is: wash your hands repeatedly singing the happy birthday song under hot soapy water.

Anonymous said...

Hey post person at 5:37, Robin had MUCHO, MUCHO, MUCHO complaints from parents and staff against her. She was hated by 99% of everyone, (again - parents and staff) she came in contact with at Birmingham Falls Elementary. You must be part of that small 1%! If that large of a percent exists. Might be even less. She is finally gone due to her infantile and petty behavior exuded over and over and over and over and over again. I feel sorry for the school she was shipped to! They better watch their backs!!!!

Anonymous said...

2:15, you don't get it.
A person isn't reassigned to a school an hour away because they are actually being reassigned. She got fired. That is how you fire someone in the school system.

8:16, you don't get it either.
She didn't get fired because she wasn't liked. She got it because she was a party to Trussell's illegal and immoral activities. She was given tremendous authority (way, way over that which her position would typically command). She didn't want to give that up by whistle-blowing on Trussell.

Anonymous said...

How does this school have a thing to do with this article and what on earth are you people talking about. If tthis Robin was a problem and she is no longer around are you not happy?

Anonymous said...

No 8:34 it appears you don't get it. Fired and reassigned are not the same, unless you spin it. Where does this conversation have anything to do with city council? Who actually cares?