Saturday, January 15, 2011

News Bits Around Milton.

By Tim Enloe;

Don't Drive Drunk.

Milton Police arrested Alexander Bassoff of Alpharetta for DUI in the early morning of January 9th.

The suspect was initially pulled over for failure to stop at the intersection of Highway 9 and Web Road.

Many thanks to the Milton Police for all they do to keep Milton residents safe!

Fire me? Fire You!

An employee who received the infamous pink slip on January 4 by Outcomes Health Information Solutions in Milton refused to part ways quietly.

Officers were called to escort the man off company property. The offender in question continued to be a problem when they arrived at the Alpharetta jail for booking. Charges included obstruction and trespass.

Whose That Knocking?

A foreclosed home in Milton on Commonwealth Way was recently robbed of it's appliances. The washer, dryer, stove, light fixtures and microwave were taken among other things. Forced entry allowed the thieves access.

The items were valued at an estimated $2000.00. Many thanks to Milton Officer Stephen for answering the call.

Thanks For The Credit!

A Milton man received a surprise new years gift on January 3rd. Arriving in the mail at his Foxhollow Run home was a Best Buy bill of $16,455.

The man planned on giving the police report to Best Buy to contest the charges.

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