Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Citizens Cash Prefers A Colder Climate?

Identity theft continues to be alive and well in Milton, Georgia.

A male resident of Milton came to find out a fraudelent charge of an estimated $250 dollars was taken at a HomeGoods Store in the state of Michigan in early January.

Milton Police took the report, but due to the crime taking place outside of city limits, all they could do was file it as an "information only" report.

The citizen in question contacted his bank where a refund was en route.

Speeding Never Takes Place In Milton!

Milton Police Officer Fergosi was sent to a single vehicle wreck in the open road neighborhood of Providence Road on the evening of January 14th.

When he arrived, the offending driver of the damaged BMW 325I was no where to be found. Officer Fergosi went on to let the property owners know about the damaged fence while fellow Officer Sgt Taylor tracked down the suspect at his place of residence.

The driver would later state that he went home to make a copy of his insurance.

Matthew T. Altenburg of the White Columns Subdivision was given two tickets; one for driving too fast for conditions and another for failure to let the homeowner know of the damage to his property.

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