Friday, December 09, 2011

Vandalism Update, Pics, and Police Reports.

City still publicly silent on issue.


The following is information generated over the course of the past few weeks with the most recent being earlier today.

Evidence has pointed at the possibility that some Milton High School students are responsible. In reaching out to Principal Cliff Jones, he responded only saying
"Tim, Thanks for forwarding the information. I will remind the students to act appropriately outside of school.

Clifford Jones
Milton High School"

We have emailed him back asking "in what way will you remind students? Also, I am sure you are aware of the vandalism your institution experienced within the last 24 hours. Please advise."-Stay tuned...

Regarding the school vandalism, here are some pictures. Eight to ten signs were run over on the Northwestern side of School Drive; the spray paint is on the gates leading into the High School.

As readers know, however, these crimes against property are not exclusive. Here we have a speed limit sign that was flattened near the Providence Road / Birmingham Highway intersection=>

The primary victims of these acts have been families who reside in Milton's open road neighborhoods. Here we have a property off of Dorris Road that was damaged recently by a piece of pottery which was covered in profanity and had "Destination-Mailbox" listed on the bottom.(Address removed out of respect.) It is believed this item came from an art class at Milton High School. Not to be outdone, someone came by last night and flattened the entire mail box; post and all. This would be the fifth time this resident has had to address his mail box being vandalized. He has also had to spend quite a bit of money and time righting these wrongs.

Not to be left out, Milton's subdivisions are now on the radar as well. Providence Lake Subdivision had both a speed limit sign taken out as well as subdivision billboard. Thankfully, evidence was left that will hopefully help our Milton Police Department find those responsible-fresh deep tire tracks.

While these crimes of opportunity could still happen if Milton had hundreds of officers on duty each shift, it is simply a numbers game. The more visible police are, the less likelihood of crime. Thanks to Kathy Fies of The Milton Police Department, she not only sent the requested police reports, but also the amount of officers that have recently been on the road during the evening shift:

11/19 – 4 total

11/20 – 4 total

11/21 – 5 total

11/22 – 5 total

11/23 – 4 total

11/24 – 4 total

11/25 – 5 total

11/26 – 5 total

11/27 – 5 total

11/28 – 4 total

11/29 – 4 total

11/30 – 4 total


Here are the Milton Police reports to date. More are on the way.


LOCATION OF INCIDENT: XXXXX Bethany Road, Milton, GA 30004

CASE#: 11-02105

DATE / TIME REPORTED: 11/19/2011 16:27 Sat

LAST KNOWN SECURE: 11/18/2011 20:00 Fri

AT FOUND: 11/19/2011 16:00 Sat

CRIME INCIDENTS: Mailbox / Mail-Damage / destroy

OFFICER / ID#: Kiel, B.C. (1162)
INVEST / ID#: Barry, K. (1188)
SUPERVISOR: Taylor, C. (1114)


Report by: Ofc. Kiel, B.C. #162

On 11-19-11 I responded to XXXXX Bethany Road, Milton, Georgia in reference to a damaged mailbox.

Upon arrival I met with the victim, XXX XXX. She said that at sometime over night after 2200 hours on 11-18-11 an unknown person (s) destroyed her mailbox. The replacement of the mailbox and post is approximately ($300) dollars.

Ms. XXX said that she had some threats from an ex-employee (XXX XXX) who lives at XXXX Birmingham Road, Milton, Georgia. I explained to Ms. XXX that we have had multiple incidents of damaged mailboxes over the past weekends. While she has had threats by Mr. XXX, there is no specific threat indicating Mr. XXX committed the destruction at this time.

The mailbox was in pieces along the ground near Bethany Road. I found no tire marks or vehicle parts indicating a vehicle caused the damage.

Nothing further.


LOCATION OF INCIDENT: XXXX New Providence Road Milton GA 30004

CASE#: 11-02148

DATE / TIME REPORTED: 11/25/2011 12:07 Fri

LAST KNOWN SECURE: 11/24/2011 17:00 Thu

AT FOUND: 11/25/2011 11:00 Fri

CRIME INCIDENTS: Mailbox / Mail-Damage / destroy

OFFICER / ID#: Ward, C.A. (1210)
INVEST / ID#: Barstow, C. (1111)
SUPERVISOR / Scott, R.E. (1112)


On November 25, 2011 at approximately 1207 hours I responded to XXXX New Providence Road in reference to a damaged mailbox. Upon arrival, I met with the victim, XXX XXX.
Mr. XXX stated on 11-25-2011 at 1100 hours he noticed his mailbox was destroyed. Mr. XXX stated the last time his mail box was seen intact was 11-24-2011 at 1700 hours. Mr. XXX stated this is the 5th time in approximately 7 years his mail box has been destroyed. Mr. XXX stated this is the first time he has reported it.

I observed the victim's mailbox. The mailbox was destroyed and part of the mailbox was missing. I observed a smashed pumpkin next to the broken pieces of mailbox. Mr. XXX stated he did not have any information on who could have damaged the mail box.


LOCATION OF INCIDENT: XXXX Birmingham Highway, Milton GA 30004

CASE#: 11-02181

DATE / TIME REPORTED: 11/29/2011 12:23 Tue

LAST KNOWN SECURE: 11/27/2011 15:00 Sun

AT FOUND: 11/27/2011 15:00 Sun

CRIME INCIDENTS: Mailbox / Mail-Damage / destroy

OFFICER / ID#: Hickerson, J. M. (1166)
INVEST / ID#: Barstow, C. (1111)
SUPERVISOR: Borsey, J. (1115)


I, Officer Hickerson, was dispatched to XXXXX State Route 372 on 11-29-11 at approximately 1223 hours in reference to a damaged mailbox. On my arrival, I made contact with the victim, Ms. XXX XXX.

Ms. XXX XXX stated on 11-27-11 at approximately 1500 hours, she discovered her mailbox knocked off it's wooden post and damaged. The red mailbox was layiing in the middle of her driveway. Ms. XXX stated that the last time she saw the mailbox not damaged was sometime around 11-23-11,she was unsure of what exact day and time.

When I looked around by where the mailbox post and mail box were, I discovered pumpkin seeds and pieces of broken pumpkin. Ms. XXX had no idea as to who could have done this. She was unable to provide any suspect information.

Nothing further.


LOCATION OF INCIDENT: XXXX Bethany Way, Milton Georgia 30004.

CASE #: 11-02236

DATE / TIME REPORTED: 12/07/2011 10:35 Wed

LAST KNOWN SECURE: 12/03/2011 00:00 Sat

AT FOUND: 12/04/2011 00:00 Sun

CRIME INCIDENTS: Criminal Trespass

OFFICER / ID#: Grey, K. (1209)
SUPERVISOR: Borsey, J. (1115)


On 12/04/2011 at approximately 1035 hours, I was dispatched to XXX Bethany Way for a report of damage to property. Upon my arrival, I met with victim, Ms. XXX XXX.

Ms. XXX stated that she walked to her barn (XXX Bethany Way) on 12/4/2011. She did not observe her mailbox while walking over to her barn. Ms XXX stated that her employees told her that when they pulled into the driveway of the barn (12/04/2011), they noticed the mailbox had been damaged. Ms. XXX did not see or hear anyone smash her mailbox. She believes that teenagers in the area may have smashed her mailbox because other mailboxes have been smashed in the area. Ms. XXX disposed of the left over debris from her mailbox prior to my arrival; therefore I was unable to observe damage to the mailbox. Ms. XXX stated that her mailbox had been smashed once before (approximately 8 years ago), but did not file a report.

Upon my arrival, I did not observe skid marks in the grass near where the mailbox stood.

Earlier this month, we broke this story thanks to one of's readers. At that time, we reached out to council, council elect, the police chief and city manager for input.

Unfortunately, the only person we heard from was Police Chief Deborah Harrell. She stated " Tim –Capt. McCarty is reviewing the damage reports to see what info we can direct to the officers for extra patrol in the area. "

Still, there as been no public announcment or input from the city. With that in mind and thousands of dollars of damage to date, we have sent another email to the same individuals asking if they would support offering a reward for information leading to those responsible. If and when we hear anything back, we will post it on

We have also sent numerous pictures of the tire tract left at the Providence Lake scene to authorities.

Future information will be posted as recieved. In the mean time, keep your eyes and ears open and contact the Milton Police Department if need be.


Anonymous said...

While I think most likely it will be teenagers, and maybe from MHS....I have two teenagers who attend MHS, and were so completely aggravated and disgusted with the utter stupidity of the latest vandalism in and around Milton High School ....stupid is as stupid does...and these morons are most likely telling their their neanderthal friends what they did last weekend...
and if they are the same crew that sprayed the Roswell "R" on city signs around town,,,,keep looking

and if they are from MHS....make them liable for damages

Anonymous said...

You are right. By the way, where is our mayor, city manager and police chief? As usual, nowhere to be seen.

Anonymous said...

We have a police chief? Is it still Lagerbloom?