Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vandals destroy Nativity scene, Christmas decorations.


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Several homeowners in North Fulton County awoke Saturday morning to find a damaged Nativity scene and a Santa Claus lawn ornament hanging from a tree.

Vandals struck several houses in the Gates Mill subdivision in Milton. Residents take pride in their Christmas displays, but that pride turned to outrage.

"I had a Nativity scene set up with lights and everything and I saw that the baby Jesus was taken and thrown, tossed out to my driveway and damaged," Ken Tazza told Channel 2 Action News reporter Carl Willis. "And I saw that a statue of Mary was taken and tossed around."

Tazza spent Saturday cleaning up the broken pieces.

Vandals left yards scattered with bent, broken and even beheaded Christmas decorations. Reindeer lights were knocked over, an inflatable Santa Claus was flattened.

Tazza said that wasn't even the worst of it.

"They even, I heard, took a Santa Claus and hung him from a tree, which was a terrible thing for children to have to see," he said.

Emails have been circling all day and neighbors have discovered that as many as five homes were hit.

"I don't know how much of this stuff is fixable, how much is beyond repair, but there's several hundred dollars worth of stuff," said Mark Vantassel.

Homeowners believe this was the work of local teenagers.

They said whoever's responsible needs to be taught a lesson in respect.

"It's not right," said Vantassel. "It's Christmas. It's for the kids, and to do this kind of stuff, it's just not right."


Anonymous said...

i think enloe is driving around at night and doing this so he has something to report

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6:11, you made me truly, laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Oh Steve, why don't you and Joe take time to reherse something other than "Give the guy a break."
All you want to do is throw jabs at Tim, yet what do you do for the community that is legal?