Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Great Comment And More.

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By is a success due to those who visit and comment on the various issues that affect our home town of Milton Georgia.

Recently, open road neighborhood residents have been hit with a rash of mailbox vandalism over the course of the past three weeks. Unfortunately, the city chose not to send out any notice to citizens even though they have released information on previous crimes as well as city employees taking a leave of absence.

Thanks to a reader of, we were made aware of these crimes against property and the rest of the information came from there.

We have quite a bit of material regarding that will be posted soon thanks to Kathy Fies of The Milton Police Department and our officers.

In the mean time, the following comment posted Thursday night more than sums up the frustrations of those affected.=>

"our mail box has been smashed 4 times in the last 2 months. once with a bat, twice with a pumpkin and our mailbox got hit again today at 3 pm with a nice piece of high school made pottery. they dented our new indestructible mailbox.

we plan to get with the milton high school ceramics teachers and match up the art work to the student. they wrote profanity on the bottom of the pottery and we were able to piece together the message "destination mailbox" written on the side with a marker.

our teenagers believe the students are milton sophomores. it seems they may be bragging to other students. we'll get em.

2:28 PM"

To the individual that posted this comment, please contact us when you can=>770 653 0552. Your privacy will respected should you ask.

Also, we will be emailing Milton Principal Cliff Jones and FCBOE representative Katie Reeves asking them what they are doing to help address this situation. Any responses will be posted on


Anonymous said...

This kinda stuff, harmful as it is, has been carrying on for years by kids all over our country. Now that the words out I bet they stop, for a while.

Anonymous said...

after the pottery throw at 3 pm yesterday, the cowards came back and ran our mailbox over. our mailbox has now been destroyed 5 times in 6 weeks. we will now install night vision video surveillance.

Anonymous said...

provedence lakes had their stop signs run over last night.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there any way we can blame Cherokee or Forsyth Countians for this? We all know they are the only ones speeding through our Pleasantville area and cause all the crime around here. Evil-doers...

Anonymous said...

6:29AM Aww Rhonda, tell us how the "evildoers" used some pottery from Milton High School?

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows about "evildoers", rhonda knows.