Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Milton prepares for coming winter.

by Jonathan Copsey; The Milton Herald
December 02, 2011
MILTON, Ga. - City officials are working so that a repeat of last year's crippling ice storms does not affect Milton as badly.

City Public Works Director Carter Lucas said last year, they had no snowplows. This year, they do.

"That's the biggest change for this year and would have been the biggest help last year," Lucas said.

The plows were added to the contract that Milton has with Optech RWN, the field services company the city contracts with for public works projects.

"We're also stocking our materials, but preparations are similar to last year," he said. "Every year we go through and every year we learn a little more about the hot spots throughout the city and formulate a plan."
Last year, a problem was caused by the state reacting slowly to allow local governments to plow state roads in their cities. Carter said this year, the state has given a tentative approval.

"If those roads need attention, then the local government has authority to go out and do it," Lucas said.

Instead, the state will likely focus on the primary roads and interstates.

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