Friday, December 23, 2011

Elected Officials Remain Silent On Vandalism.


It has been a couple of weeks since we posted images and locations of vandalism that hit both the subdivision and open road neighborhoods of Milton. At that time, we emailed both council and council elect officials asking for them to weigh in on the situation at hand.

Unfortunately, not one elected official responded to our email asking for input.

If and when we receive a response, we will post it here for readers.


Anonymous said...

they are probably ignoring you in the hopes that you go away and maybe we should to

Anonymous said...

keep the faith enlowe-there are many of us who appreiciate what you do

Anonymous said...

Yes, "they" do want to remain silent on many issues. Tis disgusting how city hall is untouchable. Corruption abounds. Keep them in the spotlight Tim.

Anonymous said...

unless one of their homes or mailboxes are vandalized, you won't hear a peep.

I heard the Mayor's neighbor has had his mailbox vandalized numerous times. Has the Mayor reached out to them? Would hope so.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right. Mayor's neighbor did have numerous acts of vandalism. So where is this elected official. Hiding in a corner just like he does every time. Milton needs a leader!

Anonymous said...

has anyone thought it might be one of our impressive officials leaving old blind dog after a few adult beverages?????

Anonymous said...

So, other than empower our public safety officials to do their job, what exactly are we expecting?

Should the mayor ride around in his pick-up looking for the vandals?

Maybe we could have the city rent a bus and drive the council members around to view the carnage?


Anonymous said...

If the city council members rented a bus and drove around that would be the most they have EVER done to show ANY interest in what the police do......oh yeah, except when somebody they know gets a ticket......right Joe.

Anonymous said...

what you crying about? isn't there any real news in Milton to report. how about something other than police reports, and following fast cars with a webcam. Tim, go down to city hall and go ask for reports, pay the five bucks and write an original story if it is such a big deal. Or go out one Saturday night and catch the crack addicts.