Friday, April 02, 2010

Urgent Help Needed.

Many Thanks to Jonathan Copsey At Appen Newspapers for bringing this to our attention.

Urgent Help Needed!

Help us save a victim of cruelty!

This sweet girl is only 10-12 weeks old, and has already been through so much. She has two shattered elbows, likely from someone kicking her or throwing her. She is currently at the DeKalb animal shelter, where they have wonderful in helping us determine the extent of her injuries, and holding her for much longer than usual.

The good news in all of the bad - this puppy is one of the sweetest girls ever. Despite her incredible pain, she loves to be held and just wants to snuggle and give kisses. She also tries to walk and play, even though her little legs give out after just a few steps.

Now we need you to help us continue to help her.

More good news - her legs are repairable! Her surgery cost will be about $3000 and recovery / swim therapy will be around another $1000. Once she has her surgery and recovers, the vet expects a full recovery, with no lingering complications. We can't get her out of the shelter and schedule her surgery until we raise enough to cover the cost of surgery.

You have all been such wonderful supporters, and I know that $3000 is a lot of money. But, together, we can save these sweet girl. I am asking everyone who reads this to donate $10 and forward to 5 people who you think will also care about this little girl. If we can find just 300 people who care about this little life, we can save her!


Susan Leisure
Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends


Miltonville said...
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Anonymous said...

They have raised enough money for her surgery

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!