Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Rememberance.

Recently, a good friend of mine who is active in the Milton community lost his uncle. If memory serves, he was in his 80's.

I am so sorry for this family's loss.

While I realize that death is a part of life and every household within our city will go through this heartache, this gentleman's passing pushed me to write some on

I suppose what sparked this action was two fold.

First, this man flew for our armed services. He stood with so many other heroes in putting their lives on the line to serve and defend our country. That in itself is news worthy and honorable.

Second, this man was a member of what I call "The Great Generation."

Thankfully, we still have many of his kind within our own city limits. Farmers who still at the age of 90 plus get up every day to garden and work the land, for example. Unfortunately, this class of man is a dying breed.

With that in mind, if you know someone of "The Great Generation", do yourself a favor. Call them up and see if they would like to chat over a sweet tea. Record them if you can as they relay all the experiences that have brought them to this point.

"The Great Generation" will never come again in our lifetime. The sooner we listen and learn from them, the better off our future will be.

My thoughts are with this Milton family during this difficult time.

- Tim Enloe
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Miltonville said...

Also.... remember to wave as you pass these folks on the road, or on their bush hog. That one thing is the most important to them and a simple wave as they sit on their porch will make their day. It's become a lost art here but just a couple of years ago these folks were still waving. They've stopped now because we forgot to mind our manners and wave back. Let's start that up again. Ok?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim. He was a great man and fought fearlessly to give us the freedom we have today. He will always be in my heart and he will always be at my side as I tour the town with the top down.

Thanks for remembering him.