Wednesday, April 07, 2010

'All About Milton' Showcases 24 /7 UC Fitness.

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By Tim Enloe;

Milton Georgia continues to attract impressive businesses to the city. 24 /7 UC Fitness is yet another great example.

Opening earlier this year at the Watercrest Shopping Center off of highway 9, this health focused company promises to get you in shape from head to toe. "What we have is a 24 hour fitness facilty that allows you to have key access in with ADT security," commented owner Lorenzo Reid. "We have a system of working out, fitness, and training that will allow you to stay healthy."

Mr. Reid has been in the fitness industry and personal training since 1993. After he finished serving with the United States Marines, he rolled into the business full time in 2006.

While the Milton location is their first, Reid stressed why this city was chosen above others. "This is really good community. We came here because we wanted to have a family environment were people can get to know and support each other."

So if you feel your health and fitness needs some help, be sure to support this new Milton business. They can be reached at 404 281 5451.

We would like to thank Lorenzo and 24 /7 UC Fitness for taking the time to visit with us.

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