Friday, April 23, 2010

City Legal Costs Totals To Date On O'brien Ethics Charge Against D'Aversa.


Recently, one of our readers asked that we find out what the city's total legal bill was to date spawning from the ethics charge filed by Neal O'Brien against Tina D'Aversa.

Thanks to City Manager Chris Lagerbloom and Interim City Clerk Sudie Gordan, the information is as follows:

"The total legal costs billed and approved to-date re: Complaint from Neal J. O’Brien regarding Tina D’Aversa is $13,392.33."

With this material in hand, it begs some questions:

1. Do you believe your tax money was well spent?
2. If you disagree with this money being spent in this manner, what would you have used it for if you were in office?
3. Do you have any suggestions that you believe would make the ethics system work more efficiently?

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Anonymous said...

Makes me want to throw up. At which point, do we add the ammendment which passes these charges back to the person who abuses the system more than on one occasion?? The city of Milton recently accused a couple in the middle of a heated divorce of calling on domestic abuse too many times. Why doesn't O'Brien even get his hand slapped? How many ethics violations, directly or indirectly, has he been up to? Do you think he has a grudge? I'm not trying to stir up Sh** just wondering how long it takes before more people start demanding more information across the board. Everything is PUBLIC knowledge so why aren't we hearing the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth. No garbage. No backstabbing. Just act like grown ups and get on with it. You have no idea just what I could have done with $13000+ and it probably isn't over. Crazy. Really nuts. This action does NOT represent the majority of good people in Milton. It's not what dreams are made of. As you can see from recent city of Milton press releases and other communication channels, we are beginning to move, there is tremendous opportunity here and we should make certain that this type of stuff, more sadly coming from inexperienced politicians but if we communicate with city hall which is comprised of individuals working for a common goal without the influence of running for office, I believe things will change if not just by the nature of good will and employment. Write letters. If you don't say anything to people like Chris or Joe and Council, if you're afraid or too busy then it can't change. They are listening folks. Check it out. How does that song go....It's a Brand New Day.( Excuse all the grammatical errors.) and btw, I'm more concerned about the loss of our Milton Theatre teachers right today. And yet our local officials can't do anything about it. Where do we step in as a community and make a difference? What about Band? All the Arts. I never thought this would ever happen here for some very naive reason. What are we going to do for these kids? Let's blog about that one and come up with solutions....

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing, I am not saying that Tina was innocent or guilty - my néw mantra here is you just don't know what you don't know because you hardly ever get the whole story or unbiased news.

wft said...

why should OB get his hand slapped, isn't he justified since tina was found guilty and what did this money go to since it doesn't cost to file the charge and she had her own attorney! WHAT WAS THE MONEY REALLY SPENT ON?

Anonymous said...

What? I don't know. That's the point. We just don't have the $$$ as a new city so every single resident has to keep that in perspective. Every one of us. We coulda shoulda fixed a few dozen dangerous potholes or contributed to a portion of a new officers salary. Or a cool event. I'm thinking we had better start concentrating on our citys budget and how it all works. It's actually pretty interesting for such an In the box profession. There actually is some room for creativity. If we only had that darn money, Instead the legal team got it and took their families on a fancy Spring break beach vacation with little umbrellas in their drinks. No fair.

Anonymous said...

The city MOTHER sold you people a pig in a poke. Just remember that when and if there's ever a vote on Milton county.

Anonymous said...

Neal O'Brien is basically a loser that is also a piss poor Mr Mom and is just looking for attention with this ethics case. He dosent care about how much money it costs the city. Anyone like him that is bilking the tax payers out of $ has no ethics. Just ask him what his biggest fear is? Seeing the van with the triangle symbal drive up when he is mowing the grass or walking the kids in the neighborhood. How can anyone take this whacko serious?

Anonymous said...

Hey, look at the bright side. If he was still on council there is no telling how much he would have cost the city? The public learned a lesson.

Anonymous said...

I remember getting an email invitation to an O'brien fundraiser from the city the last time he ran. How come no one complained about him doing that? I didn't pay too much attention to it at the time, but now it makes me wonder. Is it too late to file a complaint against him now?

Tim Enloe said...

A complaint was filed against both Neal O'Brien and Bill Lusk.

It was eventually thrown out by Chair Clint Johnson and the then current ethics board.

Tim Enloe
770 653 0552

Anonymous said...

No more complaints!! Let's save the $$ and City's reputation. We gotta move on.