Friday, April 16, 2010

Community Support Continues With 'Feed The Cops'

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By Tim Enloe;

Forget the buffet at your local restaurant; the place to be this past week was at Milton City Hall and the person to be was a Milton Police Officer. Not one, but two Milton groups stepped forward to feed our Milton Police Heroes as they rolled into their long twelve hour shifts.

Elaina Smith; owner of Studio One To One, was the first in line on Friday, April 9th around 11:30am. The goodies that she presented included a fantastic spinach and strawberry salad accompanied by grain rolls and smoked meats.

As Saturday afternoon rolled around, Lori Bruner of the Crooked Creek HOA stepped up with their support which included some great food from Roasters Chicken. "As part of the 'Feed The Cops' Program, we think it is a great program," Lori shared,"We're excited about it..." Food donated included BBQ ribs and chicken along with rolls.

Since the beginning of the 'Feed The Heroes' Program, the goal was meant to benefit all involved while looking out for one another.

Positive results have included our very own Police Chief Deborah Harrell joining Studio One To One whom she met through the program. In addition, Mrs. Bruner had been involved in a fender bender where the first officer to respond turned out to be one of the officers on duty and fed Saturday.

It is our hope that as the 'Feed The Heroes' Program continues to grow, more support will be generated for our heroes in addition to our heroes coming to know the residents they keep safe 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

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You missed your'd have been a great reporter for the community news section of 1940's small town newspapers.
So and So spent last Sunday at So and So home and they had so and so for dinner (now known as lunch)and all had a great time.