Thursday, April 29, 2010

Debate Wrap-Up.


This has been an exciting week! This week, we officially filed to run for State Senate District 56, we had our first candidate debate, and there is a candidate forum this Saturday!

Debate Wrap-Up

At Wednesday's debate, clear distinctions among the candidates were made known. While all three candidates espouse Republican friendly talking points, only one conservative has emerged. Councilman David Belle Isle is the only candidate for State Senate District 56 with a conservative record and the only one who supports the following truths:

Jobs: Obama's spending and deficit plans do not create jobs. The government can only give to one man what it first took from another. In doing so, it destroys more than it redistributes. Instead, we need to facilitate a free-market environment of opportunity and get government out of the way. As for the jobs, government should leave them where it found them.

"Stimulus" Spending: Accepting "stimulus" dollars from the Obama Administration must stop. When Georgia accepts these printed/borrowed dollars, we sanction and provide a market for the Federal Government's generational theft. Somebody has to take a stand and stop validating this corrupt process.

Local Control: The State should not centralize the power of government by making revenue and service delivery decisions for the cities. The power of government should be held as close to the people as possible because a citizens has the greatest influence at the local level.

Transportation Sales Tax: Before we raise the sales tax to fund transportation, we need to do two things: (1) reform our mismanaged DOT and (2) start spending our scarce traffic dollars on the roads from which they were taxed.

Vote David Belle Isle, conservative for State Senate.

NOTE: encourages all candidates running for office both locally and state wide to share information with us on their campaigns. This type of information does not mean that is endorsing one candidate as opposed to another. Here, all are treated equally and with respect.

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