Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Milton celebrates green.

by Jonathan Copsey / Appen Newspapers

April 26, 2010 MILTON - Milton celebrated its first Earth Day at Birmingham Park last weekend with local businesses and farmers out in force to show their support for the environment.

Everything from solar panels to wind turbines to local crops were on display for the people enjoying the warm and sunny day. There were even horse and buggy rides through the park. The folks at Crabapple's Element Coffee Company were serving samples of their fresh-brewed coffee and The Original Pancake House, on Windward Parkway, was giving away freshly-poured and cooked pancakes.

Students from Hopewell Middle School's "Eco Explorers" were running around with the myriad of other children, many from Birmingham Falls Elementary, which had organized fun activities to teach children about nature and the environment. Demonstrations of home-made wind turbines and solar engines, pottery, making birdhouses from recycled material, making mud pies, all attracted children and taught them vital lessons on how the world around them works.

"If we don't talk about [the environment], who would?" asked former council member and current teacher at Hopewell Middle School, Tina D'Aversa. Several of her students – wearing "Mustangs Go Green" t-shirts – had come to enjoy the day.

"Earth Day is every day," said Council member Julie Zahner-Bailey, summing up the efforts of the day.


Anonymous said...

Is that TD?

Anonymous said...

With a "Go Greem" suburban in the background!

Anonymous said...

those plants are in plastic containters, how come they are not in biodegradable containers??

Do they even have a clue??

Anonymous said...

Every itty bitty bit helps!

Anonymous said...

Are those t-shirts recycled cotton?