Thursday, April 29, 2010

John Albers supports Milton citizens to stop cell towers.

John Albers attended and spoke at the Milton City council meeting on Monday against the need for additional cell towers. Putting politics aside, Albers spoke from his extensive experience in telecommunications to help articulate the reasons the towers should be declined. Albers explained the technology used, upcoming innovations, micro cells, and in house booster solutions are all available. “We moved to North Fulton and reside in beautiful places like Milton for a reason. There are other options available that will not impact the landscape and property values”. – said John Albers

Albers has been a tireless advocate for North Fulton residents to protect our community while offering positive solutions for technology and business that does not disrupt the community. For more information, please visit

March to Victory Video:

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Anonymous said...

If that wasn't a blatant political move to inject the politics of the state senate race into the Milton Council my name is Jehosephat (which it isn't).

Anonymous said...

I got John's contact information and asked him to come. He has helped Roswell with the same issue. He did a great job and really cares. Thank you John!

Anonymous said...

Guess jon is gonna get sued to.

Anonymous said...

It would have served him better to stay out of the issue altogether.